Who is Fran Klasinski? Sometimes it says Fran Klasinski – warriorlady. So then who is this person or persons?

Ever notice when a blogger is a woman she is at a distinct disadvantage? She can choose to stay single and use her maiden name for life. Hardly likely though not impossible. I never was on the net during the stage of my maiden name so that is cool.

The next step invites the first major name change marriage, that can easily blow your blog work into dark shadows as Google does not really show that relative change. Well that is
where I started – Fran Csaszar! Welcome to the Internet.

Go on now, add a divorce to the mix and who will she become next? Yup, divorce and remarriage. The final step in my journey; since I found my soul mate, there should be no reason for further change.  So now it is Fran Klasinski and because of experience and an association to an Indian Princess, I added the username warriorlady.

Oops, you found one of my secrets, I am a history buff. The personal details we can discuss when we get to know one another better.  The business details are an open book.

Remember that adage, if there is ever another gold strike, I want to sell tools? That is where the money is?  Well, there are gold strikes all around but the best tools, that every one of those strikes will need, is a domain name, hosting and a website that will or will not encompass a blog or an ezine or heck, who knows, both?

Go to the ABOUT on VIRALHOST.com and there you will find me. One of the co-owners of one of the fastest growing, hosting companies on the net. We ARE #1  in support and it is plain to see why. We do not hide. We are up front and personal AND each of us are very much skilled in helping you build a solid business foundation. What hosting companies that you know do that? Without charging you an arm and a leg to give you what should be your due rights for doing business with them?

I call it honesty, fair play, and integrity. If those character traits are what you are looking for to help you build your online dream then do connect.   We got a whole life to talk about and it needs TLC in understanding and planning.

If two heads are better than one, then you and I will be off to a fine start.

Editor Fran discusses why surfers suck and so do youFran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse

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