Mailer Wailers I don’t get no satisfaction

“I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction
‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try …” ~ Rolling Stones

fransfractured satisfaction rock&RollforeverWhen my focus is on emailing and some memory comes rolling in saying connection is a must.
Well I try but it’s still a bust hey, hey, hey
I can’t get no satisfaction.

No one reads their emails. what a waste of time!
Not the reading but the folks who’ll never make a dime.
Cause they try and they try but hey hey hey
They don’t get no satisfaction.

The writer made the mails but they never made a dime
Well, they tried and they tried no one reads them on time
They still try and they try but Hey hey hey
They can’t get no satisfaction.

Please come on in and listen to member’s sad tale
How they tried and they tried but yet they still cry
No connection, didn’t try hey hey hey
They don’t get no satisfaction.

If you are reading my tale on the mailer wailers, you
are either the writer or the one crying hey hey hey
I don’t get no satisfcation.

If the message is not clear, will give you one more
time to hear
Hey hey hey here comes satisfaction!
Connect and share your woes, because everybody knows
That is how you’ll get satisfaction.

There is a lot of truth both funny and not so fortunate for
either the writers or the wailers.  Excuses tend to run the
show.  As a result, no one gets much satisfaction.

Whch one are you? A wailer about to make a positive change?
If you are then the rewards are many. Come try them and
enjoy the complete satisfaction that will be all yours.

See you inside.

Editor Fran Klasinski no satisfactionFran Klasinski – warriorlady
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