Don’t Get Chopped By The “SECRET” to Success On Line

See No evil BSMan, what a baloney subject line that has been for years, grabbing your attention! Let’s clear the air right now!

Success on line, comes down to TWO things, neither are a secret! What are they? People and a plan!

Now that wasn’t so hard to hear was it? The hard part comes in
accepting it and doing it. For some, that may be a huge obstacle
while for others, they are planning all the time.

Teaching or learning new skills

For several months now, I have been working with a core set of
members teaching them how to set up a Traffic Exchange with the
end result of making $3k per year.

It does not sound like much nor do you have to wait the full year
for receiving the income. They have all the necessary tools at hand
and they are well versed in using them. Is there a problem?

One is the loneliest number …

Yes – a big problem suffered by most eager marketers. They
cannot think. They are a core team who all have the same
information but they still think “I” and “I” is a lonely place full of

Obstacle ONE is …
A lot of work to setting it up – end results $3K? Is it worth it?
What about the advertising copy/content for some of the tools?
Can they do it?

How much do you want to make? First, can you make the $3k to
prove to yourself you can make the figures you want?

Obstacle TWO is …
Time to make it happen. Why can’t it be one in an hour? By being
so busy, one wants it done yesterday!

Most of it, literally can, if they could only think. ONE step at a time
every few minutes you can chunk to work on it and whammo it is

Visualize then plan

Successful people can close their eyes, process the information
they have on any idea, then visualize the finished product. That is
how it is done, There is no room for what if’s! They are SEEN and
dealt with in the plan. Each step is a test in itself.

More than that, no man is an island. To try to do major changes in
how to create income, requires a lot of thought yes, but support
along the way is far more conducive to getting it done.

When you take that big picture, so many people have a problem
even seeing, then break it down into steps, you are now in the
process of understanding the power of check lists. Every slice of
the pie requires specific action. Without the perpetual checklist,
confusion reigns supreme and you will never bring your plans to
a happy conclusion.

Asking The Right Questions

Sometimes the actions are easy enough if you ask the right people
the right questions. Sometimes that is the biggest obstacle
Whenever you are in a learning mode, attending a conference or
reading a blog that deals with something you need to know, make
sure you take the time to ask any and  all questions that come to
your mind. Remember – it IS your desire and plan you are trying
to complete so get the answers you need.

Your editor …

MaFran Klasinski-warriorlady
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Your Business Deserves Solid Hosting Decisions

The writer's stroke quill pen for blogAny business can be a cheap to start up or as expensive as you have the bucks to lay out and make it happen.

Also the speed of getting set up is really in your court. Or, as it may happen, dependent on your credit card balance.

I’ve started this blog opening dealing with do -re – mi or
money, which everyone seems to think comes first. So get theworry lines off your forehead and let’s take a realistic look at some of the ways you can get started today.

Cost is only a consideration if you don’t know what you are
doing. While we are at it, let’s clear up another misnomer.

There is no such thing as a stupid question is much like saying
there is no such thing as stupid people.  Both are right and
both are wrong. Depends on the circumstances. Whatever, no
one is born stupid so quit practicing.

The Bottom Line on Income Creation

The fastest way to increase business revenue, sales, build
good customer relation with new customers, and profit, is
always accomplished through marketing. It’s the one skill
that the better you get at it, the more income, profits,
and fortune you will make.

The glib hook that hauls them in …

“This product is all you need to succeed. Believe me, it will
change your life.   And it is guaranteed to work for newbies,
intermediate, and advanced marketers.”


Good marketing provides a time and a place for basics or
newbie marketing, and a time and a place to graduate into
intermediate to advanced marketing.

But who wants to start at the basic level when that hook
tells you it works for the advanced marketer as well? So
why not cut to the chase and go for the top?  Advanced
marketing is where the money is?

There you go. That thing called money again. Raring its
head to confuse and create bad business decisions. Well
over 97% of the do-not-make-its in online business
bought into that hook and went for the top.

School Daze …

Think school for a second. Kindergarten teaches you the
basics in how to work with others. Even in marketing,
most of the 97% failure rate did not pay attention to
this part.

Then you move on into grade school which is the
intermediate level where your skills get polished.
Remember, not everyone has the money to buy their way
thru this level so you learn to earn.  Plus you
either have the bucks to outsource or you take the
leap and learn.

Finally you are ready for college which means advanced
marketing skills that haul in the bucks no question
because you know what to do. IF you are lucky enough
to find and learn from good teachers.

University level is when you are ready to become a
business owner. Success depends here on history and
economics studies that you can only get on a professional
level. Forget the wild offers from never been there never
will be hustlers.

Back to Getting Started

So you want a web site. Know the domain name you wish to
choose, and are ready to sign on the dotted line. There
is a lot of work ahead but you have a starting place right
from the get go.

Your domain is a once-a-year payment but hosting is once a
month. Do you want to pay for hosting every month while you
get set up?  Get smart and cut the cost. Setting up a web
site can take anywhere from six months to a year, depending
on what you have in mind as well as fluid cash to work with.

Make this time work for you and advertise ViralHost while you
build. Done right, you have your first list in the making,
maybe several new hosting clients under you  to show how to
do the the same thing. And all because you learned the first
lesson well.

Do NOT wait! Advertise your new web site IMMEDIATELY!

NOT as an under construction, no way amateurville for you!
Your very first index.html page is your advertisement for
ViralHost hosting company you just joined.

Success requires structure that is easily duplicated. Here is
your start to understanding the theory. Put it into action and
smile at the commission checks.

Your editor …

MaFran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring You with Common Sense
Marketing With Finesse
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Are You Qualified to Qualify Prospects

Is your mind an open book that encourages new learning, experiencing the unknown readying you to move forward into the challenging new world of cyberspace?

I like to think I am. It is often what we do that can close those opened doors.

Writing an average of six blogs every week can put you behind on your own blogs that may require at least twice a week attention to details.

Some bloggers prefer to write weekly, semi-weekly and even monthly but those bloggers tend to have large followings that are also subscribers to the same target market.

The six blogs I write weekly, are associated programs with or part of ViralHost. If you are new to the net, and need to learn how to be sharp about program choices and how best to get started, then this is the company you seriously need to be involved with.

This was not going to be my choice of topic today but having spoken with several African and mid-eastern people, the news about being taken by programs like Zeekler; language difficulties; who they know and want to trust; just how to survive on the wide world of cyberspace has become a haunting traumatic experience for them.

Check your own downlines for either inactive members or members who tend to be suspended or even banned and you will run into user names that tend to point out they are from these African or mid-eastern countries.

How have you judged these members? Have you connected with them to discuss what you are seeing? Have you written them off without due consideration of the shoes they may or may not wear at their end of the cybernet?

My chats with these people show they care. They are eager, they are young. they have the same needs you and I have for being on line. They are fighting poor chances of ever having a good life working a daily boring J.O.B. like you may want to replace.

They have borrowed to have their chance then watched helplessly as the company proves a ‘life changer’ interested in recouping from a probable previous lost cause company that pulled the disappearing act or got FTC closed down.

The sad part is they are judged as scammers from a country known for scamming world wide. Not so. Here they are, being scammed by the rotten apples we have in our country. Does that make all of us scammers? No so it is not exactly fair to judge so harshly on them. Let them prove their mettle to you in contact. Then judge them for or against but just them. There is so much for you to learn from them that we do not know,
and they in turn about you.

Like, know and trust comes to mind here. That is not exactly a one sided action. Takes two to tango if a good relationship is about to be born.

Business is Business
Here friendship and business separate for good reason. Just because someone appears nice does not make them a good candidate for sharing your business. Character, work ethic, what experience they have had, what skills or talents still need to be learned or perhaps can be shared with you?

The same goes for you. On that other foot is an unknown shoe to your qualifications they need to know about. Are you out there in public profile, easily found in search engines, a publisher, a blogger, a website builder, a program owner or affiliate?

When someone teaches them how to do due diligence, what will they find out about you? Will you pass muster and be a good candidate for them to join?

Part of your forward marketing for this week should include making sure your profiles are updated in every business place you sought to promote.

The second part of your weekly forward motions should be to examine your current downlines looking for the troubled inactive members. Then take the time to send them a nicely formed email introducing you and how you can help them.

The third part of your weekly forward motions should be to see if your company or you, have the kind of content on hand to help these people adjust to business on the net.

A lot of work? Maybe, if you are not out to profit from your actions. But what if you find a few diamonds hiding in those ‘trouble’ spots? What if the next top salesperson any team could ever hope to attract is just waiting for you to help them understand what it is they need to be doing?

Till next time … keep a stiff upper lip, open your mind and go take on a waiting world.

Copyright © 2009- 2013 Fran Klasinski Frans Fractured
Marketing ~ All Rights Reserved. Duplication permitted only with copyright and content unaltered. Fran is co-owner of, a complete study in business building foundations.