Understanding The Circle Of Advertising

Man step[ing his way from thinking activity to taking actionThe circle of advertising begins with an idea you have about wanting to promote a particular product or service.

The issue becomes the right media, the right combination of promo materials and how to best turn them into income.

Getting Started With Traffic Exchange Advertising

How many credits per URL should you assign?

Search shows me the concern is more about having you view
the desired amount of advertising your credits will pay for.
what you need to be concerned about is how responsive are the
Traffic Exchanges you wish to promote.

If you cannot check them every day then a good rule of thumb
is to assign between 300 to 500 credits per URL [site entry].
From that initial point, any tracking you do should show you
the necessity of how you can limit the hits/credits to each URL.
Credit assigning will never be the same from week to week or
from TE [Traffic Exchange] to TE.

You should always know the credit balance in each TE you are
currently advertising. That gives you an idea of what TEs need
to be surfed to update the credits balance and how often.

Each site should have a single goal. Each action by surfing and
promoting both your interests and the TE you are using is to help advertisers increase both traffic and their client base.

As a result, you who, as an advertiser, by doing both – surf and
promote, gain real income as well.

Good Old Assign

Each TE is different in its requirement as to how many credits you
must assign between URLs you advertise. Keep that in mind when
you surf that the totals in your account do not seem to match.
The assigned credits go to each link you are advertising first then
the balance of credits earned, go to your account.

Free vs. Upgrade

I well remember my struggling days of being a free member. It
was darned hard work to stay ahead of necessary credits to
promote my interests. It ate up credits and my time  to earn
then like some starving monster.

I never seemed to be able to get ahead.

Experiencing the values of being upgraded made me awear
to never-go-back! Once I test a new TE for how the owners provide
support, smooth surfing, easy rotation – not eat up my credits
faster than their stats show my site possibly could have been
shown, then it is up-grade time for me.

Advertising With Honesty and Integrity

There is one more codicil in my book. I check out every offer
that comes my way. It makes me sharper in realizing scams
and shams I do not want to join.

If a TE promotes any known questionable sites and sets no
limit on the daily surfing totals, I say thank you no thanks
and pass on any possible upgrade.

Ensuring integrity is an important part of any brand.
When you come full circle in advertising, you want to
know your name and what you promote is memorable
for the right reasons.

Remember, it is your dime. So spend it wisely.

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Are You Qualified to Qualify Prospects

Is your mind an open book that encourages new learning, experiencing the unknown readying you to move forward into the challenging new world of cyberspace?

I like to think I am. It is often what we do that can close those opened doors.

Writing an average of six blogs every week can put you behind on your own blogs that may require at least twice a week attention to details.

Some bloggers prefer to write weekly, semi-weekly and even monthly but those bloggers tend to have large followings that are also subscribers to the same target market.

The six blogs I write weekly, are associated programs with or part of ViralHost. If you are new to the net, and need to learn how to be sharp about program choices and how best to get started, then this is the company you seriously need to be involved with.

This was not going to be my choice of topic today but having spoken with several African and mid-eastern people, the news about being taken by programs like Zeekler; language difficulties; who they know and want to trust; just how to survive on the wide world of cyberspace has become a haunting traumatic experience for them.

Check your own downlines for either inactive members or members who tend to be suspended or even banned and you will run into user names that tend to point out they are from these African or mid-eastern countries.

How have you judged these members? Have you connected with them to discuss what you are seeing? Have you written them off without due consideration of the shoes they may or may not wear at their end of the cybernet?

My chats with these people show they care. They are eager, they are young. they have the same needs you and I have for being on line. They are fighting poor chances of ever having a good life working a daily boring J.O.B. like you may want to replace.

They have borrowed to have their chance then watched helplessly as the company proves a ‘life changer’ interested in recouping from a probable previous lost cause company that pulled the disappearing act or got FTC closed down.

The sad part is they are judged as scammers from a country known for scamming world wide. Not so. Here they are, being scammed by the rotten apples we have in our country. Does that make all of us scammers? No so it is not exactly fair to judge so harshly on them. Let them prove their mettle to you in contact. Then judge them for or against but just them. There is so much for you to learn from them that we do not know,
and they in turn about you.

Like, know and trust comes to mind here. That is not exactly a one sided action. Takes two to tango if a good relationship is about to be born.

Business is Business
Here friendship and business separate for good reason. Just because someone appears nice does not make them a good candidate for sharing your business. Character, work ethic, what experience they have had, what skills or talents still need to be learned or perhaps can be shared with you?

The same goes for you. On that other foot is an unknown shoe to your qualifications they need to know about. Are you out there in public profile, easily found in search engines, a publisher, a blogger, a website builder, a program owner or affiliate?

When someone teaches them how to do due diligence, what will they find out about you? Will you pass muster and be a good candidate for them to join?

Part of your forward marketing for this week should include making sure your profiles are updated in every business place you sought to promote.

The second part of your weekly forward motions should be to examine your current downlines looking for the troubled inactive members. Then take the time to send them a nicely formed email introducing you and how you can help them.

The third part of your weekly forward motions should be to see if your company or you, have the kind of content on hand to help these people adjust to business on the net.

A lot of work? Maybe, if you are not out to profit from your actions. But what if you find a few diamonds hiding in those ‘trouble’ spots? What if the next top salesperson any team could ever hope to attract is just waiting for you to help them understand what it is they need to be doing?

Till next time … keep a stiff upper lip, open your mind and go take on a waiting world.

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