Are You Qualified to Qualify Prospects

Is your mind an open book that encourages new learning, experiencing the unknown readying you to move forward into the challenging new world of cyberspace?

I like to think I am. It is often what we do that can close those opened doors.

Writing an average of six blogs every week can put you behind on your own blogs that may require at least twice a week attention to details.

Some bloggers prefer to write weekly, semi-weekly and even monthly but those bloggers tend to have large followings that are also subscribers to the same target market.

The six blogs I write weekly, are associated programs with or part of ViralHost. If you are new to the net, and need to learn how to be sharp about program choices and how best to get started, then this is the company you seriously need to be involved with.

This was not going to be my choice of topic today but having spoken with several African and mid-eastern people, the news about being taken by programs like Zeekler; language difficulties; who they know and want to trust; just how to survive on the wide world of cyberspace has become a haunting traumatic experience for them.

Check your own downlines for either inactive members or members who tend to be suspended or even banned and you will run into user names that tend to point out they are from these African or mid-eastern countries.

How have you judged these members? Have you connected with them to discuss what you are seeing? Have you written them off without due consideration of the shoes they may or may not wear at their end of the cybernet?

My chats with these people show they care. They are eager, they are young. they have the same needs you and I have for being on line. They are fighting poor chances of ever having a good life working a daily boring J.O.B. like you may want to replace.

They have borrowed to have their chance then watched helplessly as the company proves a ‘life changer’ interested in recouping from a probable previous lost cause company that pulled the disappearing act or got FTC closed down.

The sad part is they are judged as scammers from a country known for scamming world wide. Not so. Here they are, being scammed by the rotten apples we have in our country. Does that make all of us scammers? No so it is not exactly fair to judge so harshly on them. Let them prove their mettle to you in contact. Then judge them for or against but just them. There is so much for you to learn from them that we do not know,
and they in turn about you.

Like, know and trust comes to mind here. That is not exactly a one sided action. Takes two to tango if a good relationship is about to be born.

Business is Business
Here friendship and business separate for good reason. Just because someone appears nice does not make them a good candidate for sharing your business. Character, work ethic, what experience they have had, what skills or talents still need to be learned or perhaps can be shared with you?

The same goes for you. On that other foot is an unknown shoe to your qualifications they need to know about. Are you out there in public profile, easily found in search engines, a publisher, a blogger, a website builder, a program owner or affiliate?

When someone teaches them how to do due diligence, what will they find out about you? Will you pass muster and be a good candidate for them to join?

Part of your forward marketing for this week should include making sure your profiles are updated in every business place you sought to promote.

The second part of your weekly forward motions should be to examine your current downlines looking for the troubled inactive members. Then take the time to send them a nicely formed email introducing you and how you can help them.

The third part of your weekly forward motions should be to see if your company or you, have the kind of content on hand to help these people adjust to business on the net.

A lot of work? Maybe, if you are not out to profit from your actions. But what if you find a few diamonds hiding in those ‘trouble’ spots? What if the next top salesperson any team could ever hope to attract is just waiting for you to help them understand what it is they need to be doing?

Till next time … keep a stiff upper lip, open your mind and go take on a waiting world.

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The Frustrations of Christmas vs. Fun of New Year

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” -Melody Beattie

When you reach a certain age, it becomes easier to think that Christmas is for the younger family members to celebrate ~ New Years is for us ‘oldsters’ so a good meal, toasts to the new year, great company, laughs over the last year and making new year’ resolutions we know we are going to break is wonderful.

Christmas can be so commercial, and loved by the companies who rely on greed to feed their cash registers.

For me, the spiritual side is far more important. Thus my kids were taught to give not get.

ONE gift should go to someone who might otherwise have no gift under their tree if they are lucky enough to have a tree.

The second rule is not always followed, but close. Home made gifts beat boughten, are treasured as well as last longer.

I still have the first Christmas bulb and birth plate from my son Stephen and the first decoration he made for our family tree. When he gets married, I will give them to him for his tree, so his family tradition is carried on with the love he brought to all of us.

The sad shift in Christmas is as the families grow, so do the splits away from the large family gatherings. Time, weather, where everyone lives ~ distance, work schedules, all play a role increasing the number of celebrations.

This year, our celebrations were blessed with the visit of Cousin Bobby from Manchester England. He is here until the 6th of January. It has been a number of years since we have seen Bobby. With the passing of his parents, it is now his turn to fill the breach with his family this side of the big pond.

I am sure we will be seeing or at least reading a lot more about Bob as he retires in two years, and already is setting the stage as a unique photographer. His interests run to the history of trains. Both England and Canada have a wonderful history involving these giant steel beasts.

Of course, we could not resist the idea of helping him get positioned on the net for his interests.

One of the things that still amazes me is the differences in cultures whether the USA, England or Canada. For all the naysayers that we do not have an independent culture here in Canada, the differences are sufficient to remind each of us that respect is the common denominator that keeps us all on the same life page.

Thus we come to our final family chapter of seeing 2012 out. With the help of a nice Italian Red wine and a French Bordeaux champagne, we toasted each other, ate fine foods complimented by laughter and stories, we ‘oldsters’ did the evening up just fine.

Ah such an easy good bye to 2012 and a fine welcome to 2013 ~ time to make more memories.

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Marketing ~ All Rights Reserved. Duplication permitted only with copyright and content unaltered. Fran is co-owner of, a complete study in business building foundations.