It’s Hallowe’en or is it Halloween?

Halloween pumpkin png clipart from pngtree.com The word Halloween comes from Hallowe’en, meaning ‘hallowed evening‘ or holy evening.

Halloween is a lazy way to write Hallowe’en and thereby destroy its true meaning of All Hallows’Evening. Simply meaning All Saints Evening as it is celebrated on the evening before All Saints” Day also known as All Hallows’Day.

Black cats are part of the Hallowe’en or is it Halloween superstitions.

So where cometh the ghosts and goblins and trick or treat? It marks the one single night, according to Celtic beliefs, when the spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living.

At a time, when my children were young, and it was safe to wander the streets in search of a treat earned by doing a trick, we had neighborhoods that decorated. Much like Christmas, these homes went out of their way to make Halloween scary fun for the children

A wondrous Hallowe’en Memory

One such home could talk to you coming within a house of two of their Hallowe’en decked out home. Go home parent and dress for the occasion in order that your children are safe in my presence! You may not enter until you do for fear your child will be taken across.”

Well easy to imagine you went home and dressed up. Can’t disappoint the kids who were determined to enter his property.

Howling ghosts floating in the windsThere is nothing like crisp October leaves for making wonderful floating ghosts suspended from low hanging tree branches. Floating back and forth in howling fall winds. Not high enough to miss the unsuspected as they walk beneath them; just high enough to float across an unsuspecting head.

There is something about the mood of Hallowe’en or is it Halloween when you are on a trick or treat hunt that can even make a parent jumpy!

There was none more intimidating than this talking house. Who was
the voice? Their excitement high, the children would knock on the door yelling trick or treat. Well this door opened to a vampire complete with long blood soaked teeth and hands and a whispery voice that said “Yes? Come on in” then proceeded to give one hellish laugh.

Nweighborhood Hallowee'en img.

Everyone jumped and added a scream or two when faced with this apparition. He appeased his ‘victims‘ with another laugh and to tell them they were safe because mom and dad had dressed and to his delight, they all jumped. Parent and child alike – which was his way of letting the children pick their treat as he had already received the proper trick response.

Hallowe’en or Halloween and Celtic Observances

The early Celtic beliefs held that spirits from the underworld, and ghosts of dead people, could visit the world of the living on the night of October 31. The belief that these ghosts and spirits could harm the living or take them back to the underworld, caused people to dress up as ghosts and spirits. Thus leaving their homes in hopes of confusing the dead.

This leaves us with an obscure understanding of who were the Celts and where did they originate. Most importantly, are they considered Irish?

That you will have to wander through books and links to be found in this resource I leave to answer your questions. Or should I say begin to answer your questions. Meantime, Happy Hallowe’en!

While you are here and the mood of  Hallowe’en  is in your blood, visit
my friend Skelly” He too has a creepy  invitation.

Death By Mass Shootings

How safe are your children? Consider this.
‘The definition of a mass shooting is still under debate. The precise inclusion criteria are disputed, and there is no broadly accepted definition

Man with a gun - Death by Mass Shooting
Why Ed Stack Made the $250 Million Decision That Put Dick’s Sporting Goods in the Spotlight

Ed Stack’s experience in his family business helps explain why he took a stand on guns after the Parkland shooting.

In 2018, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack made a dramatic decision that would cost his company some $250 million in revenue and infuriate some of its most loyal customers.

He permanently removed assault rifles from his 850 stores and stopped selling guns to anyone under the age of 21. By doing so, he also put his family-run business in the center of a culture war.

Stack realized it was a pivotal moment for his own agenda as a CEO. As he puts it: “Do we really have to wait for this to happen to one of our kids before we do something?”

This brave man, father of two sons, not only took a courageous stand, he did it
in the face of a backlash from America’s long tradition of gaining social leverage through economic pressure, including consumer boycotts, corporate lobbying, and high-profile endorsements.

The debate over gun control in America is far from over. The loss of human life
in regards to guns should be enough to turn the tables on the freedom to possess
any size gun bigger than a shotgun, full size, and typical handguns used by police as not necessary. No one but an active soldier needs to possess assault rifles.

Death by mass shootings

America’s unique gun violence problem explained in 16 maps and charts

Where are you and your children at greatest risks of death by mass shootings?

How safe are you by leaving the decisions of stopping mass shootings in the hands
of government and law decision-makers?  Consider this.
The definition of a mass shooting is still under debate. The precise inclusion criteria are disputed, and there is no broadly accepted definition.

Quote:[from Wikipedia]
Mother Jones, using their standard of a mass shooting where a lone gunman kills at least four people in a public place for motivations excluding gang violence or robbery,[124] concluded that between 1982 and 2006 there were 40 mass shootings (an average of 1.6 per year). More recently, from 2007 through May 2018, there have been 61 mass shootings (an average of 5.4 per year).[125] More broadly, the frequency of mass shootings steadily declined throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, then increased dramatically.[126]

Ed Stack placed a value on the heads of your children when he opted to lose $250
million in revenue from sales of guns in order to do take a stand on mass shootings.

Among developed nations, the US is by far and away the most homicidal — in large part due to the easy access many Americans have to firearms.

A number of companies cut ties with the NRA  after the Marjory Stoneman high school shooting resulting in NRA supporters blowing up Yeti coolers.

Article by Fran Klasinski-copywriter and developing blog author.
Fran Klasinski author fransfranticmarketing blog




What Turkey Put Christmas on the shelves

Amazing! American Thanksgiving is not even here yet and they have
Christmas on the shelves?

fransfracturedmarketing thanksgivingAmazing! American Thanksgiving is not even here yet and they have Christmas on the shelves?

Ah, I know the problem! Thanksgiving is not known so much for dry goods.

The foolishness here is imagining the smart marketer thinking Thanksgiving. The products that need to be moved would be Turkeys, specials on bread for the dressing; neat meat and nuts combo deals.

The faster-moving more profitable items would be roast pans, Turkey basters; turkey -stamped dinnerware; Festive cookbooks; you get the idea.

So next year, while you sit on your duff, thankful the kids are back in school, think Thanksgiving and see what profitable ideas you come up with.

As a pro-active EasyBusinessBuilder, you know your coffers will be filling up fast as you use the page building tools to create your masterpiece.

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my American friends and family and all who celebrate now.





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Straight Referral Business

Every business needs traffic so define your purpose tighter like how about a straight referral business?


Every business needs traffic so define your purpose tighter like how about a straight referral business?

How Easy Business Builder Comes Into the Picture

I will speak from the perspective of EBB- Easy Business Builder and suggest that is the moot point for your list building.

Easy Business Builder is a premiere business building and super affiliate platform. There is nothing on the net to compare with it for one obvious reason. It is simply designed to help you build YOUR business, YOUR list, YOUR referrals YOUR way with THEIR suite of incomparable top of the line tools.

You are not going very far in any business without a list of targeted people to promote your business to. The traffic part is easy but the referral building is a bit more complicated.

Easy Business Builder – EBB for short – will help provide dozens of ways to help you:

  • https://ebbt.us/users/1/warriorlady/img/Bullets/freenarrow.jpgWork smarter not harder
    Increase your bottom line

Earn more in less time

If these points fit your idea of a healthy and profitable business then referrals are the way to go.

Scary Referral Building

The idea of selling turns a lot of good marketing people off. Yet every thing you do online is one form of selling or another. So why not target what you are doing to create the least frustration for you and engage the mind and intent of your prospect?

Referrals are the most powerful strategy for increasing income because they cut the time factor way back to bottom line sales. And they save you time, connect you to more qualified leads, generate more call backs and allow more ‘yeses’ in the shortest time.

That’s some pretty powerful information regarding referals. Here is another tip to turn your interest to referrals.

Tipping Up Your Referral Value

If you provide better than good service to others, you will have earned the right to ask them for referrals and most likely, they will give them to you. Good service makes your new referrals a dividend on that superior service.

Think on that new lead. They still need to be qualified for interest, feasibility, who handles the cash on the home front; equally the decision making authority, and last but not least, the economic buying power.

The difference is that with a referral, you enter the sales event with the endorsement of another person. Eventually you will make the sale (or the membership upgrade) . Thus the right way to think of every referral is as a potential ‘close’ in advance.

Not all leads and referrals come from Traffic Exchanges and/or mailers. Keep in mind that the wider you advertise the better the quality of referral you can earn. Being referred to higher, more influential circles can be a boon and allow you to be more selective, investing your time with the better more qualified leads.

Referral Organization

List building and list segmentation are what is to be done with these leads and referrals. There are a dozen software and programs and ideas out there to cost you precious income to keep these two actions under control.

None of them will allow you to keep track from the initial actions to the ongoing values of your leads and referrals quite like employing the tools of the Easy Business Building platform.

Not everyone has nor can afford a website. Nor do you need one with EBB. Every step you take contains the right tools within EBB from URL and banner libraries to snippets to save repetitive page work, to page building to saving your templates right within the tools offered.

Profile work for branding you and your business; trackers for internal and external page promotions; autoresponders for keeping your lists segregated by interest; then there is the mailer division and program, and affiliate areas for one stop, one sign in YOU in CONTROL of YOUR business building.

Imagine the costs to do this outside of EBB. The cost can be prohibitive for many new marketers and hold them back indefinitely. It can also cause them to forget the dream of ever owning their own business.

Easy Business Builder can change that negative cost picture to a smiling acceptable membership level that is all inclusive. Toss in the great members ready to help you. The unbeatable IMMEDIATE support to your need. The never ending videos for quick learning actions that keep you and your promotions timely.

Give your referral the right home

Have I left anything out? There is so much to tell you, to share with
you, to support your interests. Now that is another plus benefit of EBB.

It is a platform. YOU decide the business you need to run within it. You will find links in this article to help you decide how to take any action you desire. Ways to find out more on marketing and decision making and on organizing for profit.

What is your greatest business fear?

What is your skill level and what do you think will hold you back?

How do you create creative pages?

Who will show you how to build your lists?

Who will teach you automation that saves you time and money?

Things for another article? Maybe, unless you take up the call and join me in Easy Business Builder where YOUR dreams and YOUR business ideas reign supreme. Where the answers you seek are waiting for you to come on in and join us. Create your straight referral business.

Deepest regards …

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Christmas Memories

In sharing a part of our family Christmas, it is hoped it evoked good memories of your own. May each year be better than the last and the Christmas memories last forever.



Each year our family appears to becomes smaller. Life takes us one and all to new places because of work demands. It also makes the creation of Christmas Memories all the sweeter.

Christmas can be at one house where all gather for merriment and laughter, or it can be at many houses depending on where everyone lives.

This year, Chris and I and my grandson, spent Christmas day with my oldest daughter Ann Marie Lisk and guests. The gift exchange is always a focal point of Christmas and all new Christmas memories get their start here.

Christmas Music makes an awesome background

The afternoon was spent listening, singing and commenting on
a history of Christmas carols.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …” Nat King Cole, Vaughn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte … the list played on as our favorite singers of our favorite Christmas carols entertained us evoking Christmas Memories of years gone past.

Feasting on Christmas memories of great food.

Every dish was home cooked right down to the dinner rolls and made even more delicious by the lively conversation evoked by each song. Can’t forget to mention that #1 Daughter Ann is an excellent pastry chef as well, from cookies, to butter tarts, to home made pumpkin pie. Sitting at her table is a virtual feast long remembered.

Musical Christmas Memories

The little drummer boy – was it the song, the message, the music? Or was it the drummer? Imagine the consistent beat of one chord played throughout the whole song? “Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum”

Who Wrote ‘The Little Drummer Boy?’

“The Little Drummer Boy” was written by classical music composer Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. Among the most popular versions of the song is a 1977 recording of “The Little Drummer Boy” pairing the unlikely duo of David Bowie and Bing Crosby.

Christmas Memories of a lifetime – The movies of yesteryear –

What are your favorite memory movies of Christmas?  What actors bring
your memories to the future?

From the …
1946 classic – “It’s a wonderful life” starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.
1935 British fantasy film based on the 1843 novel by Charles Dickens, starred Seymour Hicks. A Christmas Carol.

Did you know A Christmas Carol was adapted in 1938 starring Reginald Owen as Ebenezer Scrooge?

Our all-time favorite, of course, was the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge .

Remakes seldom cut it once the impression has been created by unforgettable characters. Though it does make for lively discussion.

Christmas memories 2018

The greatest gift of Christmas has to be when family and friends get together, eating delicious foods and of course special gifts.

This year my favorite gift was a hand made quilt for our bed. There is so much love and work spent on creating a quilt never mind the material costs. This is a gift of pure love that will last for many years.

Thank you Ann for my special gift – love you too- and a wonderful dinner. Merry Christmas to all our family that were there and to those far away who called because your love helped create  Christmas 2018- memories  that will
last forever whether made in person and over the digital cell phones.

In sharing a part of our family Christmas, it is hoped it evoked good memories of your own. May each year be better than the last and the Christmas memories last forever.