Christmas Memories

In sharing a part of our family Christmas, it is hoped it evoked good memories of your own. May each year be better than the last and the Christmas memories last forever.



Each year our family appears to becomes smaller. Life takes us one and all to new places because of work demands. It also makes the creation of Christmas Memories all the sweeter.

Christmas can be at one house where all gather for merriment and laughter, or it can be at many houses depending on where everyone lives.

This year, Chris and I and my grandson, spent Christmas day with my oldest daughter Ann Marie Lisk and guests. The gift exchange is always a focal point of Christmas and all new Christmas memories get their start here.

Christmas Music makes an awesome background

The afternoon was spent listening, singing and commenting on
a history of Christmas carols.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …” Nat King Cole, Vaughn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte … the list played on as our favorite singers of our favorite Christmas carols entertained us evoking Christmas Memories of years gone past.

Feasting on Christmas memories of great food.

Every dish was home cooked right down to the dinner rolls and made even more delicious by the lively conversation evoked by each song. Can’t forget to mention that #1 Daughter Ann is an excellent pastry chef as well, from cookies, to butter tarts, to home made pumpkin pie. Sitting at her table is a virtual feast long remembered.

Musical Christmas Memories

The little drummer boy – was it the song, the message, the music? Or was it the drummer? Imagine the consistent beat of one chord played throughout the whole song? “Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum”

Who Wrote ‘The Little Drummer Boy?’

“The Little Drummer Boy” was written by classical music composer Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. Among the most popular versions of the song is a 1977 recording of “The Little Drummer Boy” pairing the unlikely duo of David Bowie and Bing Crosby.

Christmas Memories of a lifetime – The movies of yesteryear –

What are your favorite memory movies of Christmas?  What actors bring
your memories to the future?

From the …
1946 classic – “It’s a wonderful life” starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.
1935 British fantasy film based on the 1843 novel by Charles Dickens, starred Seymour Hicks. A Christmas Carol.

Did you know A Christmas Carol was adapted in 1938 starring Reginald Owen as Ebenezer Scrooge?

Our all-time favorite, of course, was the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge .

Remakes seldom cut it once the impression has been created by unforgettable characters. Though it does make for lively discussion.

Christmas memories 2018

The greatest gift of Christmas has to be when family and friends get together, eating delicious foods and of course special gifts.

This year my favorite gift was a hand made quilt for our bed. There is so much love and work spent on creating a quilt never mind the material costs. This is a gift of pure love that will last for many years.

Thank you Ann for my special gift – love you too- and a wonderful dinner. Merry Christmas to all our family that were there and to those far away who called because your love helped create  Christmas 2018- memories  that will
last forever whether made in person and over the digital cell phones.

In sharing a part of our family Christmas, it is hoped it evoked good memories of your own. May each year be better than the last and the Christmas memories last forever.

It’s Hallowe’en or is it Halloween?

Halloween pumpkin png clipart from The word Halloween comes from Hallowe’en, meaning ‘hallowed evening‘ or holy evening.

Halloween is a lazy way to write Hallowe’en and thereby destroy its true meaning of All Hallows’Evening. Simply meaning All Saints Evening as it is celebrated on the evening before All Saints” Day also known as All Hallows’Day.

Black cats are part of the Hallowe’en or is it Halloween superstitions.

So where cometh the ghosts and goblins and trick or treat? It marks the one single night, according to Celtic beliefs, when the spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living.

At a time, when my children were young, and it was safe to wander the streets in search of a treat earned by doing a trick, we had neighborhoods that decorated. Much like Christmas, these homes went out of their way to make Halloween scary fun for the children

A wondrous Hallowe’en Memory

One such home could talk to you coming within a house of two of their Hallowe’en decked out home. Go home parent and dress for the occasion in order that your children are safe in my presence! You may not enter until you do for fear your child will be taken across.”

Well easy to imagine you went home and dressed up. Can’t disappoint the kids who were determined to enter his property.

Howling ghosts floating in the windsThere is nothing like crisp October leaves for making wonderful floating ghosts suspended from low hanging tree branches. Floating back and forth in howling fall winds. Not high enough to miss the unsuspected as they walk beneath them; just high enough to float across an unsuspecting head.

There is something about the mood of Hallowe’en or is it Halloween when you are on a trick or treat hunt that can even make a parent jumpy!

There was none more intimidating than this talking house. Who was
the voice? Their excitement high, the children would knock on the door yelling trick or treat. Well this door opened to a vampire complete with long blood soaked teeth and hands and a whispery voice that said “Yes? Come on in” then proceeded to give one hellish laugh.

Nweighborhood Hallowee'en img.

Everyone jumped and added a scream or two when faced with this apparition. He appeased his ‘victims‘ with another laugh and to tell them they were safe because mom and dad had dressed and to his delight, they all jumped. Parent and child alike – which was his way of letting the children pick their treat as he had already received the proper trick response.

Hallowe’en or Halloween and Celtic Observances

The early Celtic beliefs held that spirits from the underworld, and ghosts of dead people, could visit the world of the living on the night of October 31. The belief that these ghosts and spirits could harm the living or take them back to the underworld, caused people to dress up as ghosts and spirits. Thus leaving their homes in hopes of confusing the dead.

This leaves us with an obscure understanding of who were the Celts and where did they originate. Most importantly, are they considered Irish?

That you will have to wander through books and links to be found in this resource I leave to answer your questions. Or should I say begin to answer your questions. Meantime, Happy Hallowe’en!

While you are here and the mood of  Hallowe’en  is in your blood, visit
my friend Skelly” He too has a creepy  invitation.

I Need To Boost My Dopamine

when your dreams need dopamine supportIt’s what you do when you are in a crisis. When negative feelings over ride common sense. You do something to boost your dopamine. And I sure need my dopamine boosted.

I have a confession to make. More to me than to you but it affects you as well as me.

As a life learner, I know things. As a life learner, I am more apt to share my findings with you rather than keep my big mouth shut.

Sharing feelings does not mean everyone accepts the action. They have their own agenda and when you share, you tend to upset the apple cart. You let out the little bugs that show them up for who they really are.

Something of that nature just happened in my little world and it blew me away. It left me feeling a tad lost until I came across this trending article that simply invited me to read it if I was in a crisis that what I needed was a dopamine boost.

Dopamine The shock effect of understanding

Dopamine is important for many of our daily behaviors. It plays a role in how we move, for instance, as well as what we eat, how we learn and even whether we become addicted to drugs.

A dopamine release tells the brain that whatever it just experienced is worth getting more of. Well, I can tell you, a bit more of what I experienced is not what I needed. Thus I decided to take a stroll outside, check our gardens and how plant life was handling the crisis of forever changing weather patterns.

Our Gardens of Pleasure

Everywhere you look there is color! I never knew there were so many shades of green, Every plant has its own varied shade that distinguishes it one plant from the other.
Sort of like humans with varying skin shades and hair and eye colors that make us who we are.

Then there are the flowers. Some we know many we love and never enough for the surprises they offer us. My dopamine took a mighty jump when I ran across my Easter lilies replanted when their season was over? Who says? One mighty plant has five gorgeous white lilies – two in full bloom, three right behind. And hidden in the mass is another one with a fully developed bloom getting ready to spread its beauty.

Darn. I’m smiling! The grey clouds are lifting and I am on the way back to myself. The lesson was so obvious. Stay away from negative people! Watch out for who you think are worthy of your time and knowledge.The right people will find you.

Dopamine also helps with reinforcement — motivating an animal to do something again and again. I think it works that way much with people as well. It means people like me need to allow myself to attract important things so that we always go back for more of the pleasant things.

anhedonia A state where animals or people no longer find pleasure in activities they used to enjoy. The cause and affect are now something I better understand and I am off to find ways to include more rewarding actions in my life.

Are you in the need of happy times, more pleasure rewards for your actions? You too may be in the need of a dopamine fix.

RESOURCE: 7 ways to increase Dopamine naturally

The Ritualistic Practice of Habits

Happy New Year 2014 Here it is another New Year – 2014 to be exact. If you did not expect to be here, then that is one major plus habit in your favor.

Instead of making New Years Resolutions you know you are not going to keep, why not consider the NEW goals and habits to help make them work, approach instead?

Here are a few things on my must do calendar of NEW habits and
healthy approaches.

The news is always about health and statistics that sort of make you feel like waking up in the morning is a shocking blessing.

One Good Heart Smart Habit

Ritual #1

Drink eight ounces of water before you retire. No you won’t get up any more often than normal. Then drink 16 ounces of water the very first thing you wake up EVERY morning. According to the Health smart people, that water wakens up your vital organs. A must if you do not plan on dropping dead in your tracks.

Ritual #2 Again Health Oriented.

Cancer, Heart, Stroke potential, all seem to be reduced by watching the alkaline vs. acidity of foods you eat. Cut the useless carbs. That means the eating out at all your favorite ‘fat’ restaurants. It does not mean you cannot have a cheat treat now and then, just stop making it a habit that is killing you.

Think green and you are on the way to better alkaline balance. If you are diabetic, you will appreciate this ritual.

Ritual #3 All About You

How about an exercise routine? The kind of work out that lets you know you do have muscles and while they might scream a wee bit at first, you will notice you walk farther and breathe easier for having done them?

I had to laugh at my grand daughter. She chose a gym work out over an evening with friends enjoying a Dim Sum supper evening. I have to say, been to one – it was marvelous! Not so sure I would have the strength to choose a workout over an invitation to one though.

Ritual #4

This one should become more of a new healthy habit than working yourself silly. ONLY work 50 minutes of every hour. Thus only plan on working a maximum of THREE hours daily on the marketing end of your business.

The smart CEO of most businesses recognize the need to refresh the brain so they use that 10 minutes of every hour to cat nap. Just close your eyes and let the world worries disappear. They say it is like have have a two-hour solid sleep. When the brain is not working overtime on your thinking practices, it looks after you by refreshing itself. Dump the snapped synapse, be a productive you.

It is much easier to create a healthy approach to business building and the focus you will need to be both creative and productive. A tired mind makes mistakes and causes a lot of rework.

So next time you hear someone say their business approach sucks, you might have a clue as to why. Send them here to read this article or give them a much deserved lecture on building their health, habits and creative thinking. All these things mean changing old habits for new.

None of them are hard to do. Don’t be surprised if you like the habits yourself as you test the veracity of each one. You might even live to enjoy the results.

Your editor …

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