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The writer's stroke quill pen for blogOkay , this is MY blog and I get to say it like it is in MY book!

Right now I am totally po’d at the short thinking of some people. How destructive they can be because of their weird outlook on lifeand their ability to take personal offense where none is intended.

Got A Message For You

Hey you over-sized egotistical waste of space, you are NOT the
center of the universe! “I” is also a letter in the alphabet that
stands for Idiot!  Time you stopped being one.

There Rant over!

Are You A Team Player?

NEVER join a team if you have to think about that question.  It
takes the guts and desire of every member to keep a team moving
in forward motion. All it takes is one whiner or complainer,
behind the scenes, to undermine the whole reason for being. It
is all about communications.

Contest Surfers

Do you surf for money – a nickel and dimer? Or do you surf to
verify the sites shown on the TEs you surf? To create clicks
for your  promotions, or to build a downline?

Your answer might bear investigating beyond your current results.

Your editor …

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