Desire vs. Vision The Powerful Influence On Motivation


The need for quick-start visionWhen people have little interest in a position or role, it’s very difficult to motivate them as their desire will be equally as weak. That is why that initial contact is so important to determine they have the needed vision.

Getting to know the individuals on your teams will aid you in being able to structure rewards that keep them motivated towards accomplishing team vision.

Are your people motivated by

  • involvement in learning opportunities
  • desire handling greater responsibility
  • or have the vision for meeting challenging projects?

Each person is different in their needs. What if everything
they tell you is prefaced by their need for creating moolah?
What if they have no vision?  How can there be the
motivation needed to accomplish goals for results if they
have no vision?

The Law of Attraction suggests our power is in the forming
of teams of like-minded individuals.Thus if one is to believe
no man is an island,’ there must be a desire to accomplish, or
will not be sufficient vision to complete  challenging

Is desire a primal urge? To eat, to sleep, to feel needed or
part of the herd, to love and be loved?  Recognizing the power
of desire over the human mind to seek out, find and accomplish,
can be the difference between having a vision and the motivation
to seek results or forever becoming the never-have  victim.

Where are you NOW in the game of life and where do you want to
be? Are you aware of the short comings you present to yourself
in order to overcome whatever is holding you back from making
your dreams and desires a real-time happening?

Quite often it is our own lack of vision that gets in the role of our
desire to meet some challenge we know in our hearts we can
make happen.

When you get to know you, then you will realize the importance
of building worthy relationships with your new subscribers.
With those possible diamonds waiting for you to touch base
and share a mutual vision.

Your editor …

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You Met Joe and Diane Those Nice People?

They are in your downline somewhere or on a list you had out there for eons, bringing you in hot prospects?  Maybe their names are different but they sure seem like nice people.

How sad it is they are not doing so well online. They asked you for help. What can you do for them? Are you doing well yourself? No doubt you have a good product and you are tightly focused on making a success of it, but will it fit these nice people?  Are you where you need to be with your business and able thus to give them the kind of advice they may be looking for?

Fundamental Business Building for Nice People

Nothing can slow down progress faster. In fact this one piece of missing info is  the  guarantee unless something is done and fast, half the startup businesses you see online will be  gone in the next five years IF they are the reasonably good ones.

Even more, will be here today and gone tomorrow.

While you do not need to know everything to get started, the core  you  bring into your business creation will soon tell if you are not learning as you go.

It makes it hard to advise nice people where to start. Or does it? If you are struggling, it is probably because you are wasting time. And time is your most important asset.

It will not matter if you buy tons of good products, do your best to dig right in and know them profoundly, and work harder than you ever have in your life, you will not make it happen without a clear, concise understanding of the fundamental business building  knowledge that can make your dreams a success.

Every business begins with a concise number of steps from the basic startup to the on-going attaining of goals that will build that business for as long as it takes to build it long lasting and strong.

Nice People or Strategical Entrepreneurs

How many times have you heard it said that when you drop the employee attitude and adopt the professional business builder mode you will change the outcome of your business efforts?

How can you tell?  The opportunity seeker even if they are nice people?
They are like the offline guy or gal who is never satisfied with their job.
They are either consistently fired or forever looking for a better opportunity. They have sand in their shoes and never stick with anything
for very long no matter how nice they are.

They are nice people wed to frustration and overwhelm, needy and want instant income yesterday. Very impatient types, they jump right into the next best thing to floating on down the pike. No time to investigate owners or legalities. The idea they will take part in a scam is the furthest thing from their mind, nor do they seem to care. They are in and out so fast, the only thing that sticks to them is their bad reputation.

So who is the strategical Entrepreneur?

Pick a number from one to ten. Now think of that number as ‘This is your life!” If the number was middle of the road, you have decisions to make to better your life. Good decisions will move you up towards the desirable ten. But bad decisions will see you slip.

We all make bad decisions. That is part of life, growing and moving forward. The strategical entrepreneur understands this. What they do is examine carefully ALL actions no matter how large or how small and rate them in respect to their online growth.

Cutting, pruning and adding only small steps to test to increase growth means they learn to strategize all actions creating time limits, actions
that are a must, old habits that have to go, and forever making sure they
are implementing what tests show work.

EVERY step has a  meaning.

Entrepreneur means income creator NOT income dreamer. They choose products carefully, making sure those products are tools everyone must have. They spend their time getting to know the values of their products, what they can do for the right target market.  Then they set up the appropriate promo materials.

Now it is time to find the target market.  Spaghetti marketing is trying to please everyone.

Filling funnel after funnel of bodies or names that have no interest in what
you are offering.

This form of action belongs to opportunity seekers. Numbers are their game and probably why they are not half as successful as they should be.

The strategical entrepreneur is investigating the many places their target market hangs out and goes after them, promoting all their work and effort to engage targeted prospects to convert into sales.

Knowing your product, having good work habits, understanding your prospect, how to feed their needs, and finally settling into ONE product
niche that provides the prospect with all they can ask for, will determine where you are heading and if you fit the criteria of a successful strategic entrepreneur.

Thank the power of positive marketing. There is always room and opportunity for you to change the status quo. All it really takes
is your focused determination to make your dream a positive reality.

Not only will you learn quickly how to help those really nice people
who ask you for help,  you will build long-term relationships that
will consistently grow your business.

Your editor …

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