Desire vs. Vision The Powerful Influence On Motivation


The need for quick-start visionWhen people have little interest in a position or role, it’s very difficult to motivate them as their desire will be equally as weak. That is why that initial contact is so important to determine they have the needed vision.

Getting to know the individuals on your teams will aid you in being able to structure rewards that keep them motivated towards accomplishing team vision.

Are your people motivated by

  • involvement in learning opportunities
  • desire handling greater responsibility
  • or have the vision for meeting challenging projects?

Each person is different in their needs. What if everything
they tell you is prefaced by their need for creating moolah?
What if they have no vision?  How can there be the
motivation needed to accomplish goals for results if they
have no vision?

The Law of Attraction suggests our power is in the forming
of teams of like-minded individuals.Thus if one is to believe
no man is an island,’ there must be a desire to accomplish, or
will not be sufficient vision to complete  challenging

Is desire a primal urge? To eat, to sleep, to feel needed or
part of the herd, to love and be loved?  Recognizing the power
of desire over the human mind to seek out, find and accomplish,
can be the difference between having a vision and the motivation
to seek results or forever becoming the never-have  victim.

Where are you NOW in the game of life and where do you want to
be? Are you aware of the short comings you present to yourself
in order to overcome whatever is holding you back from making
your dreams and desires a real-time happening?

Quite often it is our own lack of vision that gets in the role of our
desire to meet some challenge we know in our hearts we can
make happen.

When you get to know you, then you will realize the importance
of building worthy relationships with your new subscribers.
With those possible diamonds waiting for you to touch base
and share a mutual vision.

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2 thoughts on “Desire vs. Vision The Powerful Influence On Motivation”

  1. The one thing I notice in people including myself; is that it is much easier to see why other people struggle to attract the “good things” in life and yet can’t see the Log in their own eye! But there is a gift even in this! Life is a symbiotic relationship to all things. We need variety to share the gifts and feed each others lack with the bounty we may posses. Giving is receiving and teaching is learning. Where I maybe weak you can lift me up and I can return my strengths to fill your weakness. There is strength in numbers when teamwork is applied in such a way that everyone plays to their own strengths to fill the need of each others weakness. An interplay of the dance of life! Supporting the needs of another will attract the support You need because you gave it first.♥
    Usually…we wait to be supported before we give it and wonder why it doesn’t come. YEP…I’m guilty of that! 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more Rick. It is very easy for some people to throw the first stone, not even realizing they may be the catalyst for the strong arm feelings in the first place. When we stop the struggle to attract good things to ourselves, then the good habit of thinking of others should replace the negative. Like Zig Ziglar said – “You can have anything you want as long as you help someone else get what they want first.” In keeping with your observation, you need to give it first.

      Yes, the true power of a team is recognized when each member is allowed to develop and share their skill to the people who may not have it. Bottom line, we really do not need to know everything. Not when we may already know great people with those skills in abundance. The greatest gifts are to care and share.

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