I Need To Boost My Dopamine

when your dreams need dopamine supportIt’s what you do when you are in a crisis. When negative feelings over ride common sense. You do something to boost your dopamine. And I sure need my dopamine boosted.

I have a confession to make. More to me than to you but it affects you as well as me.

As a life learner, I know things. As a life learner, I am more apt to share my findings with you rather than keep my big mouth shut.

Sharing feelings does not mean everyone accepts the action. They have their own agenda and when you share, you tend to upset the apple cart. You let out the little bugs that show them up for who they really are.

Something of that nature just happened in my little world and it blew me away. It left me feeling a tad lost until I came across this trending article that simply invited me to read it if I was in a crisis that what I needed was a dopamine boost.

Dopamine The shock effect of understanding

Dopamine is important for many of our daily behaviors. It plays a role in how we move, for instance, as well as what we eat, how we learn and even whether we become addicted to drugs.

A dopamine release tells the brain that whatever it just experienced is worth getting more of. Well, I can tell you, a bit more of what I experienced is not what I needed. Thus I decided to take a stroll outside, check our gardens and how plant life was handling the crisis of forever changing weather patterns.

Our Gardens of Pleasure

Everywhere you look there is color! I never knew there were so many shades of green, Every plant has its own varied shade that distinguishes it one plant from the other.
Sort of like humans with varying skin shades and hair and eye colors that make us who we are.

Then there are the flowers. Some we know many we love and never enough for the surprises they offer us. My dopamine took a mighty jump when I ran across my Easter lilies replanted when their season was over? Who says? One mighty plant has five gorgeous white lilies – two in full bloom, three right behind. And hidden in the mass is another one with a fully developed bloom getting ready to spread its beauty.

Darn. I’m smiling! The grey clouds are lifting and I am on the way back to myself. The lesson was so obvious. Stay away from negative people! Watch out for who you think are worthy of your time and knowledge.The right people will find you.

Dopamine also helps with reinforcement — motivating an animal to do something again and again. I think it works that way much with people as well. It means people like me need to allow myself to attract important things so that we always go back for more of the pleasant things.

anhedonia A state where animals or people no longer find pleasure in activities they used to enjoy. The cause and affect are now something I better understand and I am off to find ways to include more rewarding actions in my life.

Are you in the need of happy times, more pleasure rewards for your actions? You too may be in the need of a dopamine fix.

RESOURCE: 7 ways to increase Dopamine naturally