The Ritualistic Practice of Habits

Happy New Year 2014 Here it is another New Year – 2014 to be exact. If you did not expect to be here, then that is one major plus habit in your favor.

Instead of making New Years Resolutions you know you are not going to keep, why not consider the NEW goals and habits to help make them work, approach instead?

Here are a few things on my must do calendar of NEW habits and
healthy approaches.

The news is always about health and statistics that sort of make you feel like waking up in the morning is a shocking blessing.

One Good Heart Smart Habit

Ritual #1

Drink eight ounces of water before you retire. No you won’t get up any more often than normal. Then drink 16 ounces of water the very first thing you wake up EVERY morning. According to the Health smart people, that water wakens up your vital organs. A must if you do not plan on dropping dead in your tracks.

Ritual #2 Again Health Oriented.

Cancer, Heart, Stroke potential, all seem to be reduced by watching the alkaline vs. acidity of foods you eat. Cut the useless carbs. That means the eating out at all your favorite ‘fat’ restaurants. It does not mean you cannot have a cheat treat now and then, just stop making it a habit that is killing you.

Think green and you are on the way to better alkaline balance. If you are diabetic, you will appreciate this ritual.

Ritual #3 All About You

How about an exercise routine? The kind of work out that lets you know you do have muscles and while they might scream a wee bit at first, you will notice you walk farther and breathe easier for having done them?

I had to laugh at my grand daughter. She chose a gym work out over an evening with friends enjoying a Dim Sum supper evening. I have to say, been to one – it was marvelous! Not so sure I would have the strength to choose a workout over an invitation to one though.

Ritual #4

This one should become more of a new healthy habit than working yourself silly. ONLY work 50 minutes of every hour. Thus only plan on working a maximum of THREE hours daily on the marketing end of your business.

The smart CEO of most businesses recognize the need to refresh the brain so they use that 10 minutes of every hour to cat nap. Just close your eyes and let the world worries disappear. They say it is like have have a two-hour solid sleep. When the brain is not working overtime on your thinking practices, it looks after you by refreshing itself. Dump the snapped synapse, be a productive you.

It is much easier to create a healthy approach to business building and the focus you will need to be both creative and productive. A tired mind makes mistakes and causes a lot of rework.

So next time you hear someone say their business approach sucks, you might have a clue as to why. Send them here to read this article or give them a much deserved lecture on building their health, habits and creative thinking. All these things mean changing old habits for new.

None of them are hard to do. Don’t be surprised if you like the habits yourself as you test the veracity of each one. You might even live to enjoy the results.

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