Straight Referral Business

Every business needs traffic so define your purpose tighter like how about a straight referral business?

Every business needs traffic so define your purpose tighter like how about a straight referral business?

How Easy Business Builder Comes Into the Picture

I will speak from the perspective of EBB- Easy Business Builder and suggest that is the moot point for your list building.

Easy Business Builder is a premiere business building and super affiliate platform. There is nothing on the net to compare with it for one obvious reason. It is simply designed to help you build YOUR business, YOUR list, YOUR referrals YOUR way with THEIR suite of incomparable top of the line tools.

You are not going very far in any business without a list of targeted people to promote your business to. The traffic part is easy but the referral building is a bit more complicated.

Easy Business Builder – EBB for short – will help provide dozens of ways to help you:

  • smarter not harder
    Increase your bottom line

Earn more in less time

If these points fit your idea of a healthy and profitable business then referrals are the way to go.

Scary Referral Building

The idea of selling turns a lot of good marketing people off. Yet every thing you do online is one form of selling or another. So why not target what you are doing to create the least frustration for you and engage the mind and intent of your prospect?

Referrals are the most powerful strategy for increasing income because they cut the time factor way back to bottom line sales. And they save you time, connect you to more qualified leads, generate more call backs and allow more ‘yeses’ in the shortest time.

That’s some pretty powerful information regarding referals. Here is another tip to turn your interest to referrals.

Tipping Up Your Referral Value

If you provide better than good service to others, you will have earned the right to ask them for referrals and most likely, they will give them to you. Good service makes your new referrals a dividend on that superior service.

Think on that new lead. They still need to be qualified for interest, feasibility, who handles the cash on the home front; equally the decision making authority, and last but not least, the economic buying power.

The difference is that with a referral, you enter the sales event with the endorsement of another person. Eventually you will make the sale (or the membership upgrade) . Thus the right way to think of every referral is as a potential ‘close’ in advance.

Not all leads and referrals come from Traffic Exchanges and/or mailers. Keep in mind that the wider you advertise the better the quality of referral you can earn. Being referred to higher, more influential circles can be a boon and allow you to be more selective, investing your time with the better more qualified leads.

Referral Organization

List building and list segmentation are what is to be done with these leads and referrals. There are a dozen software and programs and ideas out there to cost you precious income to keep these two actions under control.

None of them will allow you to keep track from the initial actions to the ongoing values of your leads and referrals quite like employing the tools of the Easy Business Building platform.

Not everyone has nor can afford a website. Nor do you need one with EBB. Every step you take contains the right tools within EBB from URL and banner libraries to snippets to save repetitive page work, to page building to saving your templates right within the tools offered.

Profile work for branding you and your business; trackers for internal and external page promotions; autoresponders for keeping your lists segregated by interest; then there is the mailer division and program, and affiliate areas for one stop, one sign in YOU in CONTROL of YOUR business building.

Imagine the costs to do this outside of EBB. The cost can be prohibitive for many new marketers and hold them back indefinitely. It can also cause them to forget the dream of ever owning their own business.

Easy Business Builder can change that negative cost picture to a smiling acceptable membership level that is all inclusive. Toss in the great members ready to help you. The unbeatable IMMEDIATE support to your need. The never ending videos for quick learning actions that keep you and your promotions timely.

Give your referral the right home

Have I left anything out? There is so much to tell you, to share with
you, to support your interests. Now that is another plus benefit of EBB.

It is a platform. YOU decide the business you need to run within it. You will find links in this article to help you decide how to take any action you desire. Ways to find out more on marketing and decision making and on organizing for profit.

What is your greatest business fear?

What is your skill level and what do you think will hold you back?

How do you create creative pages?

Who will show you how to build your lists?

Who will teach you automation that saves you time and money?

Things for another article? Maybe, unless you take up the call and join me in Easy Business Builder where YOUR dreams and YOUR business ideas reign supreme. Where the answers you seek are waiting for you to come on in and join us. Create your straight referral business.

Deepest regards …

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