Fall Colds and Flu Come Visiting

flu shot img taken from arrticle internal link  It happens every year, sometimes a tad earlier than the year before, however fall heralds the cold and flu season and there is not much we can do to prevent their visit.

What we can do is take certain steps to deal with it.
When I read  what’s in the flu shot, then anything I
can do to prevent or lessen the effects of the flu, beats
the daylights out of taking that shot!

Tips to help avoid the flu

  1. Do take that shot if it is a survival must. Some of us are
    hard heads and some of us are determined to stay
    abreast of our body needs that create good overall

Viruses like the flu, last seven to 10 days. Anti-biotics
typically do not work for viruses yet they include them in
the shot.

The claim that common type of flu vaccines made up of
parts of inactivated flu viruses cannot give you the flu.
And your experience?

Yet on the other hand, some claims are it gives you a
light version to help you build up your immune system
against this brand of flu.

2. Keep all physical contact clean. Wash your hands often
– in the bathroom, before eating, using good anti-bacterial
soaps and at home, use lysol spray on door handles,
toilet flush handle, taps etc.

*TIP* Alcohol-based sanitzers are a good idea to carry
on your person for when the cleanliness you prefer is not

3. Work Developing a high-functioning immune system

What do your daily health habits say about you?

– Eating regular balanced meals
– staying hydrated
– getting 7-9 hrs sleep every night

Food is a killer!  Inflammation and disease all find their
root cause in what you eat.

Balanced eating does not mean left over pizza for
breakast, eggs and french fries for lunch and a steak
with all the trimmings for supper. You are a heart
attack waiting in the wings if this is how you eat.

simple box of kleenex    Winter is the hardest time to stay hydrated. Furnaces and the fact some have built-in dehumidifiers so your  home can be extra dry.
And the cold outdoors snaps your breath
leaving you in need of a puffer or more water?

And sleep is the buga-boo of 99% of us. Stress, the
number one killer is in our daily actions. Get rid of it and
sleep much better.

Planning early rises need to be balanced with earlier to
bed. Does that work? Probably not0, you end up tossing
and turning until your normal time to go to sleep then it
is restless.

Sleep vs Stress help create bad mental health habits.
Take time to relax. Take a walk – the dog will love you. A
play period will remove the negative stress thoughts for a
little while. And light exercise will be a plus action.

Get back in tune with nature. Do a hike or a drive to see
the fall colors – beauty that lifts your spirits.

There are more things you can probably do to maintain your
good health habits. Add these to them and have a good
and happy life – every day!

These are just some of the things you can do to keep the
flu and other winter colds and virus at bay!

Till next time …


Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner

Are You My Sponsor? Really?

He writers tool where writing with a quill pen makes you think, are you my sponsor? quill-penwas so angry. I was not sure it was
wise to even broach the subject of being
a good sponsor.

His story, though, was pretty typical.

When he joined, he thought the programs
would show him all he needed to know.
Thus connecting with whomever that was,
that said they were his sponsor, just did
not make sense at the time.

Lesson #1 – think narrow rue the wasted

Overwhelm with TE Menus

  1. So what IS the problem with TE menus …
    being intuitive?
    Easy to use?
    Set up to follow the steps for a new
    member to take?

What ever is the new person looking for that you must include.125_stress-90x65He didn’t think so. The complaints ran from
so much to learn to no time to spend sorting
it all out. Thus frustration and overwhelm
were the two idiots that drove him over the
edge every time he tried to make some sense
out of why he stayed a member.

Here’s To Good Sponsor Help

Welcome New Members Mission

A new member is excited and ready to surf
and take on the best that is offered. This is
the time to make sure that eager anticipation
stays high every time they surf.

Welcome emails from a sponsor to a new person
who joins is a must. Why? The company ones
promote the feature side of what needs to
be done. Don’t ignore those necessary features
like their profile; just remember, a new person
needs more.

Part I Task Challenge

Send welcome emails to downlines in 10khits4unow
and in Easy Business Builder. Point them to the calendars.

Calendars to the rescue

Thus you need to read the calendar entry to help
you get a handle on what might make the journey
easier for both of you.

The calendar content is self-explanatory. You do
not need to send your mail to me. Nevertheless,
I am always here to help you.

Meantime, turn to the new owners for support
on calendar surfs and winners.

Till next time …

keep your sponsoring actively progressive!

Editor Fran Klasinski blog writer and mentor.f60x60Your Editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse

P.S. Keep reading and posting. There are bonuses in the works
designed to help you make the most of your online experiences.

P.P.S. I appreciate you!

Imagine You Read You Did It You Won!

Imagine image to post getting it done


Can you imagine, When the same old same old happens week after week, some people tend to ignore the ‘coming your way today’ mails.

Imagine You Read You Did It!

So you are different. Curious may be a good
tag that tells the world you have no time to
be a follower – you prefer to lead.

You choose to read the same old same old.
Why? No one repeats what does not work.
Could there be something in that mail
the members are missing?

Assistance on the Road to Conversions

Every Saturday, without fail, several of the
best Traffic Exchanges join up to you a chance to
surf full bore into the land of hungry members
eager to be your next conversion.

Conversion Marketing – Converting Site Visitors

Using the regulars – 21stCenturySurf, Orbital
Traffic and Clickaholics, gives you a steady
base to test your promo materials in. So
part of the conversion game is finding what
a target market is looking for. It’s a good idea
to start with a steady format yes?

Then there is the guest traffic exchange that
widens your conversion prospects. It isn’t
the name that is the game, it is the members.
Real live, breathing leads that could want
what you have to offer.

Reversing Loser Action Makes Bank

The winners’ circle will shout your name as
a winner of the surf for starters. The best
part will be the number of conversions your
advertising brings you.

If that number leaves a lot to be desired, then
why not run a battery of tests all in one easy
opportunity? Instead of passing the chances
up, take a leap of faith and join in on the
SuperSaturdaySurf events and see if your
statistics improve?

Not So Good News

If you don’t try, you won’t know if what you
could be doing can create a dramatic change.
The not so good news is you doing the same
old hit and miss while others get the gold of
solid conversions.

Check the calendars. Get ready for a fun test.
Surf to know if what you were doing was
working better, or if you really need to be a
consistent participant in reversing the loser

Till next time …

Editor Fran discusses benefit of reading mailsYour Editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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Marketing with finesse.


Understanding The Circle Of Advertising

Man step[ing his way from thinking activity to taking actionThe circle of advertising begins with an idea you have about wanting to promote a particular product or service.

The issue becomes the right media, the right combination of promo materials and how to best turn them into income.

Getting Started With Traffic Exchange Advertising

How many credits per URL should you assign?

Search shows me the concern is more about having you view
the desired amount of advertising your credits will pay for.
what you need to be concerned about is how responsive are the
Traffic Exchanges you wish to promote.

If you cannot check them every day then a good rule of thumb
is to assign between 300 to 500 credits per URL [site entry].
From that initial point, any tracking you do should show you
the necessity of how you can limit the hits/credits to each URL.
Credit assigning will never be the same from week to week or
from TE [Traffic Exchange] to TE.

You should always know the credit balance in each TE you are
currently advertising. That gives you an idea of what TEs need
to be surfed to update the credits balance and how often.

Each site should have a single goal. Each action by surfing and
promoting both your interests and the TE you are using is to help advertisers increase both traffic and their client base.

As a result, you who, as an advertiser, by doing both – surf and
promote, gain real income as well.

Good Old Assign

Each TE is different in its requirement as to how many credits you
must assign between URLs you advertise. Keep that in mind when
you surf that the totals in your account do not seem to match.
The assigned credits go to each link you are advertising first then
the balance of credits earned, go to your account.

Free vs. Upgrade

I well remember my struggling days of being a free member. It
was darned hard work to stay ahead of necessary credits to
promote my interests. It ate up credits and my time  to earn
then like some starving monster.

I never seemed to be able to get ahead.

Experiencing the values of being upgraded made me awear
to never-go-back! Once I test a new TE for how the owners provide
support, smooth surfing, easy rotation – not eat up my credits
faster than their stats show my site possibly could have been
shown, then it is up-grade time for me.

Advertising With Honesty and Integrity

There is one more codicil in my book. I check out every offer
that comes my way. It makes me sharper in realizing scams
and shams I do not want to join.

If a TE promotes any known questionable sites and sets no
limit on the daily surfing totals, I say thank you no thanks
and pass on any possible upgrade.

Ensuring integrity is an important part of any brand.
When you come full circle in advertising, you want to
know your name and what you promote is memorable
for the right reasons.

Remember, it is your dime. So spend it wisely.

Editor Fran discusses the difference betweenYour editor …

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