Imagine You Read You Did It You Won!

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Can you imagine, When the same old same old happens week after week, some people tend to ignore the ‘coming your way today’ mails.

Imagine You Read You Did It!

So you are different. Curious may be a good
tag that tells the world you have no time to
be a follower – you prefer to lead.

You choose to read the same old same old.
Why? No one repeats what does not work.
Could there be something in that mail
the members are missing?

Assistance on the Road to Conversions

Every Saturday, without fail, several of the
best Traffic Exchanges join up to you a chance to
surf full bore into the land of hungry members
eager to be your next conversion.

Conversion Marketing – Converting Site Visitors

Using the regulars – 21stCenturySurf, Orbital
Traffic and Clickaholics, gives you a steady
base to test your promo materials in. So
part of the conversion game is finding what
a target market is looking for. It’s a good idea
to start with a steady format yes?

Then there is the guest traffic exchange that
widens your conversion prospects. It isn’t
the name that is the game, it is the members.
Real live, breathing leads that could want
what you have to offer.

Reversing Loser Action Makes Bank

The winners’ circle will shout your name as
a winner of the surf for starters. The best
part will be the number of conversions your
advertising brings you.

If that number leaves a lot to be desired, then
why not run a battery of tests all in one easy
opportunity? Instead of passing the chances
up, take a leap of faith and join in on the
SuperSaturdaySurf events and see if your
statistics improve?

Not So Good News

If you don’t try, you won’t know if what you
could be doing can create a dramatic change.
The not so good news is you doing the same
old hit and miss while others get the gold of
solid conversions.

Check the calendars. Get ready for a fun test.
Surf to know if what you were doing was
working better, or if you really need to be a
consistent participant in reversing the loser

Till next time …

Editor Fran discusses benefit of reading mailsYour Editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse.


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My Name is Fran Klasinski, known on line as warriorlady ... I am the co-owner of the following programs: I work with my partners, good friend Sharon Ticknor and My husband, Chris Klasinski Our backgrounds are extensive and fit well in the online world. Within our business core is the opportunity to learn the power of knowledge in helping you earn the online life you seek. The mistake most people make is to say, "I want to make money. How much can I make if I join you?" You decide the final income outcome from your efforts. What you should be determining is why do you need to make any money, and what do you need it for? Joining me won't directly make you a nickel. what it will do is you will now have a pro-active mentor who will help you save time, dollars and frustration by giving you the opportunity to do better than simply follow in my steps. Freedom and riches are not always determined by how much money you have or how much money you can make.

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