Understanding The Circle Of Advertising

Man step[ing his way from thinking activity to taking actionThe circle of advertising begins with an idea you have about wanting to promote a particular product or service.

The issue becomes the right media, the right combination of promo materials and how to best turn them into income.

Getting Started With Traffic Exchange Advertising

How many credits per URL should you assign?

Search shows me the concern is more about having you view
the desired amount of advertising your credits will pay for.
what you need to be concerned about is how responsive are the
Traffic Exchanges you wish to promote.

If you cannot check them every day then a good rule of thumb
is to assign between 300 to 500 credits per URL [site entry].
From that initial point, any tracking you do should show you
the necessity of how you can limit the hits/credits to each URL.
Credit assigning will never be the same from week to week or
from TE [Traffic Exchange] to TE.

You should always know the credit balance in each TE you are
currently advertising. That gives you an idea of what TEs need
to be surfed to update the credits balance and how often.

Each site should have a single goal. Each action by surfing and
promoting both your interests and the TE you are using is to help advertisers increase both traffic and their client base.

As a result, you who, as an advertiser, by doing both – surf and
promote, gain real income as well.

Good Old Assign

Each TE is different in its requirement as to how many credits you
must assign between URLs you advertise. Keep that in mind when
you surf that the totals in your account do not seem to match.
The assigned credits go to each link you are advertising first then
the balance of credits earned, go to your account.

Free vs. Upgrade

I well remember my struggling days of being a free member. It
was darned hard work to stay ahead of necessary credits to
promote my interests. It ate up credits and my time  to earn
then like some starving monster.

I never seemed to be able to get ahead.

Experiencing the values of being upgraded made me awear
to never-go-back! Once I test a new TE for how the owners provide
support, smooth surfing, easy rotation – not eat up my credits
faster than their stats show my site possibly could have been
shown, then it is up-grade time for me.

Advertising With Honesty and Integrity

There is one more codicil in my book. I check out every offer
that comes my way. It makes me sharper in realizing scams
and shams I do not want to join.

If a TE promotes any known questionable sites and sets no
limit on the daily surfing totals, I say thank you no thanks
and pass on any possible upgrade.

Ensuring integrity is an important part of any brand.
When you come full circle in advertising, you want to
know your name and what you promote is memorable
for the right reasons.

Remember, it is your dime. So spend it wisely.

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