Your Business Deserves Solid Hosting Decisions

The writer's stroke quill pen for blogAny business can be a cheap to start up or as expensive as you have the bucks to lay out and make it happen.

Also the speed of getting set up is really in your court. Or, as it may happen, dependent on your credit card balance.

I’ve started this blog opening dealing with do -re – mi or
money, which everyone seems to think comes first. So get theworry lines off your forehead and let’s take a realistic look at some of the ways you can get started today.

Cost is only a consideration if you don’t know what you are
doing. While we are at it, let’s clear up another misnomer.

There is no such thing as a stupid question is much like saying
there is no such thing as stupid people.  Both are right and
both are wrong. Depends on the circumstances. Whatever, no
one is born stupid so quit practicing.

The Bottom Line on Income Creation

The fastest way to increase business revenue, sales, build
good customer relation with new customers, and profit, is
always accomplished through marketing. It’s the one skill
that the better you get at it, the more income, profits,
and fortune you will make.

The glib hook that hauls them in …

“This product is all you need to succeed. Believe me, it will
change your life.   And it is guaranteed to work for newbies,
intermediate, and advanced marketers.”


Good marketing provides a time and a place for basics or
newbie marketing, and a time and a place to graduate into
intermediate to advanced marketing.

But who wants to start at the basic level when that hook
tells you it works for the advanced marketer as well? So
why not cut to the chase and go for the top?  Advanced
marketing is where the money is?

There you go. That thing called money again. Raring its
head to confuse and create bad business decisions. Well
over 97% of the do-not-make-its in online business
bought into that hook and went for the top.

School Daze …

Think school for a second. Kindergarten teaches you the
basics in how to work with others. Even in marketing,
most of the 97% failure rate did not pay attention to
this part.

Then you move on into grade school which is the
intermediate level where your skills get polished.
Remember, not everyone has the money to buy their way
thru this level so you learn to earn.  Plus you
either have the bucks to outsource or you take the
leap and learn.

Finally you are ready for college which means advanced
marketing skills that haul in the bucks no question
because you know what to do. IF you are lucky enough
to find and learn from good teachers.

University level is when you are ready to become a
business owner. Success depends here on history and
economics studies that you can only get on a professional
level. Forget the wild offers from never been there never
will be hustlers.

Back to Getting Started

So you want a web site. Know the domain name you wish to
choose, and are ready to sign on the dotted line. There
is a lot of work ahead but you have a starting place right
from the get go.

Your domain is a once-a-year payment but hosting is once a
month. Do you want to pay for hosting every month while you
get set up?  Get smart and cut the cost. Setting up a web
site can take anywhere from six months to a year, depending
on what you have in mind as well as fluid cash to work with.

Make this time work for you and advertise ViralHost while you
build. Done right, you have your first list in the making,
maybe several new hosting clients under you  to show how to
do the the same thing. And all because you learned the first
lesson well.

Do NOT wait! Advertise your new web site IMMEDIATELY!

NOT as an under construction, no way amateurville for you!
Your very first index.html page is your advertisement for
ViralHost hosting company you just joined.

Success requires structure that is easily duplicated. Here is
your start to understanding the theory. Put it into action and
smile at the commission checks.

Your editor …

MaFran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring You with Common Sense
Marketing With Finesse
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My Name is Fran Klasinski, known on line as warriorlady ... I am the co-owner of the following programs: I work with my partners, good friend Sharon Ticknor and My husband, Chris Klasinski Our backgrounds are extensive and fit well in the online world. Within our business core is the opportunity to learn the power of knowledge in helping you earn the online life you seek. The mistake most people make is to say, "I want to make money. How much can I make if I join you?" You decide the final income outcome from your efforts. What you should be determining is why do you need to make any money, and what do you need it for? Joining me won't directly make you a nickel. what it will do is you will now have a pro-active mentor who will help you save time, dollars and frustration by giving you the opportunity to do better than simply follow in my steps. Freedom and riches are not always determined by how much money you have or how much money you can make.

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