Saying Goodbye To Yesterday Hangups

How many times have you wondered what to do next? Why are
you even online? The problem may be a mixed bag of what you
have been doing wrong. What habits you have, where you earned
them and why you persist in hanging onto them.

Perhaps the reason the young tend to move along the route to
online success so much faster and easier, is because they are
not hampered by the baggage of what you and I learned in our
working years.

Frans Fractured Marketing imgsThey take risks for the pleasure of testing their mettle. Can
they or can’t they? Do they or don’t they have the fire in
their belly
to see an idea to fruition?

WARNING! are you up to the challenge?

How do you react when something new comes up? I am a red
flag person. I look for the holes and the credibility of the
owner before the objective of the opportunity.

I know some people who jump right off the proverbial cliff
every time something new pops up. Like they are afraid they
will lose out. FEAR is a killer of opportunity. It will defeat
you faster than checking new things out and being very sure it
fits your intentions.

There is that old barb, President Lincoln adapted
from poet John Lydgate, “You can please some of the
people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of
the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

Long held attitudes and behaviors that fit your past work or life
environment have no place in any kind of future you can dream
of for your NOW. Voluntarily or otherwise, you will soon find
they do not work well in the entrepreneurial life.

Education vs. Deep Desire

Do you have to hold a degree in arts and science or philosophy
to succeed online? Do you have to be a Corporate head hunter to
fix the lifestyle you cannot achieve in the J.O.B.?

To be an entrepreneur, you need to reject ever piece of
programming you have ever received about limited options to
working any business online. Limitations, rules, industry norms,
these are for other people still stuck in the 9-5 nowhere land
they dream of getting out of.

In order to make things happen the way you want them to, it is
necessary to become more assertive, proactive and creative in
taking that big leap into an entrepreneurial future.

Regardless of your age. Regardless of your past education and
work histories, the rule to succeed is simple. Wrap them up in
brown paper tied with the string of memories. Fasten them to a
huge rock of history and dump them in the ocean of regret.

Today, you have arrived. Today you will be whatever you choose
to be as long as your commitment is to you and realizing your
intent. Remember, your intent is your dream.

Take a deep breath and say goodbye to yesterday.

Your Editor …
Have a great day

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My Name is Fran Klasinski, known on line as warriorlady ... I am the co-owner of the following programs: I work with my partners, good friend Sharon Ticknor and My husband, Chris Klasinski Our backgrounds are extensive and fit well in the online world. Within our business core is the opportunity to learn the power of knowledge in helping you earn the online life you seek. The mistake most people make is to say, "I want to make money. How much can I make if I join you?" You decide the final income outcome from your efforts. What you should be determining is why do you need to make any money, and what do you need it for? Joining me won't directly make you a nickel. what it will do is you will now have a pro-active mentor who will help you save time, dollars and frustration by giving you the opportunity to do better than simply follow in my steps. Freedom and riches are not always determined by how much money you have or how much money you can make.

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