Frans Fractured – activity vs. action

man stepping up the ladder to successI heard him say how important it was for him to create income to replace a job he just lost.

What I didn’t  hear is, was he prioritizing this need? He seemed awful slow getting started.

So I asked, “Are you more busy with thinking
Activity or planning Action?”

“Is there a difference?” he asked.

Time for coffee refills. I could see this was going to
be a long meeting of the minds.

The right Activity provides the basis for the right Actions.

brainstorming ideas … it is with this action the
thinking takes on form.

reading blogs … what can you learn from others
doing what you want to do?

reading emails ... style comes to mind. How do you
write? Active or passive?

researching — it isn’t a four-letter word, but to many
people, it might as well be.

  • If you do not understand what you are thinking about.
    If what you think has no market.
    If you cannot or do not know THEIR need how can you
    ever be the solution?

Activity can make you feel like you are busy getting things
done, when in reality, those activities may be sneaky forms
of procrastination.

The fastest way to turn Activity into Action is to take some
desired form of Action – do something that builds; on the thinking
Activity that will slowly help you develop the plan in Action
for achieving your goals.

There will be times, when you must do both on the same day.
Some Activities demand immediate follow up Action.

Knowing the difference between thinking you are getting
something done and actually getting that something done
can be a world of difference.

The moment of truth. How you apply activity vs. action.


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