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courtesy Brand as it relates to you and I and our advertising today does not begin with some ‘great I am’ for the idea.

Claude Hopkins had described it as far back as the early nineteen twenties. What appears to happen is that some self-proclaimed genius will tell you they thought outside the box looking for the next trendy form of advertising that would set the world on end. In truth, what they have done is climbed right into the box and mixed up the parts.

What these new kids on the block hope is you are not old enough to remember those days and who these people were, nor smart enough to do your research and find out.

50 yrs of Advertising Techniques

Meantime, most of the advertising techniques which worked when people like Claude Hopkins, David Oglivy, Edison, Karl Marx,Rockefeller, and Ford were around, still work today.

Consumers still buy products whose advertising promises them value for money, beauty, nutrition, relief from suffering, social status, good health, instant wealth and so on.

Thus any writing I will do here on advertising, will be about what I know best or am testing. I will leave it open to you to check it out, test it and let me know if it worked for you.

Hosted Blogging

It is the best form of advertising from you to your prospective clients. It will help them get to know ‘who is this character telling me what is best for my business?’  They’ll ask that question even if they do not have a business.

Whatever you choose to get into, having a blog on a website opens far more doors for your advertising then just running an attempt at a blog on some platform that says  hosts blogs.

I use WordPress for my blog because Google loves blogs and it loves WP best. AND I host my blog on my domain hosted with Why them in particular? Because they provide WP with their hosting. It is part of their smart cPanel that comes with the account. One stop shopping with a secure history and a guaranteed future for my work.

So right from the get go, do you see the branding that I have begun
with this article?

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