Genius is the art of taking pains

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Genius is the art of taking pains  ~~ Claude Hopkins



And here you thought the brains in so many companies had to have been born genius.

Hardly. Even those with advertised high Q’s are often not bright enough to use it or are hampered by some health issue thus fail to use it for the good.

The success of any advertising media, in order to provide successful results, will be determined by the art of research. It will involve much reading and often of collecting links to or content itself, for future use.

Does Reading Create Genius

Not on the surface, but more apt to because a reader does not miss a trick that could make them famous or rich. It is in the middle of thumbing tomes of records and data that the key to turning the mundane into an exciting must have can be found.

For others, only if you are an avid reader. Many people read because they have to. Develop a love for language. Impart what you learn to fit the needs of those who follow you.

Here is the thing that stops most people from succeeding online. Advertising. It isthe core reason someone joins you in whatever enterprise you are promoting. The right words can create a great selling response as well.

Google to the rescue?

In past years, a good advertising agency would have collected an ever growing library covering all aspects of the targeted market their ads had to read. There was no editing and republishing. If that first round did not produce, the writer could be looking for a new job.

Today, Google can short cut the long road to finding pertinent information. The crux though, is that you still have to read it, assemble it and get it out there.

So what is on your list to read? What is your dream you spend frustrating hours over, trying to find solutions to?

Is it time to build your library of riches? You could start with those boring emails?

What if there was a idea within that could mean a super ad for you?

Golden Tip#1: When choosing what to read, remember the headline that grabbed your attention.

Golden tip #2: the greatest unending library you can ever find is right where you are.

  • Who are the people who have joined you?
  • Who are the people you have joined?
  • What kind of a relationship have you created with any of them?

Is the key to your fortune an untapped resource?

By taking advantage of all existing media. advertising will become a focused art. Try writing with a positive aim at succeeding to engage your target market.

Till next time …

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