Personal Blogging Determines Your Staying Power

From my very first blog on Blog Estates, I have used my skill of writing on how to position me on the Internet. And here I am today, with Blog #7 Frans Fractured Marketing.

Five of the blogs are company blogs you will see posted on the side. Check them out for your personal enjoyment.

In the Beginning
The aspect of personal blogging becomes ingrained over time, as you learn how to approach a topic, how to go from easy generalization to informed, focused argument for or against any topic of interest.

The biggest gain, benefit if you will, is the consistency of writing which develops your ability to argue in print. Is that a good thing? Arguing for the sake of arguing, no.

BUT arguing or presenting two sides of any hot topic is a skill only writing and taking the comments can create.

Learning the truth about your mettle

Those comments can sure be mean spirited in tone. When you hit the hot button of some readers, you are going to invite their hot retorts. Some do present a solid case for things you disagree with, those are the thinkers.

Then there are those whose mouth is run by emotions and their brains can still be found in the original packaging.

Who Do You Love
Somewhere on the journey, you learn who your readers really are. What makes them tick and how to write to encourage their support. It is the getting there that turns the average person right off about blogging.

It isn’t what to say or write about that bothers them the most, it is ” … what if people do not like what I write, what if they hate me?”

Negative Emotion vs. Opening their Minds

Some will, some won’t. However, if the haters continue to read and post reasonable comments for something you write, then it is easy enough to understand some people just react verbally before putting their brain in gear.

If you blog to become the Head of the Happy club then you will give it up. No one can please any of their readers all the time. In fact if you can reach and create dissent you are probably going to be a good writer. Why? Blogging is opinion and opinion creates opposites and opposites create the fodder for good communications and relationship building. The responders are the ones who care.

Evolution vs. Revolution

Believe it or not, you can be on opposite sides of any fence and still respect the opinions each of you hold. Revolution comes from evolution. Evolution provides growth to sustain direction. Your job is to provide that fodder and the revolution will be created by your readers. Make it a revolution of needed and positive change and you are a winner.

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