I Want MY Gift! You Promised!

Where's my gift blog post angry customer

Across the net, via my email accounts, I watch the offers flow in, “free account” “free pdf“FREE report you cannot afford to miss” and a gift many gifts. What the hey?

So past the startled Doe eyes, common sense kicks in and you really have to smile. These guys are dumber than dirt in most cases, but they are playing follow the leader in others. Those “FREE” offers are to get you on a gazillion lists.

For the fun of it, I clicked on a couple. Never did get the ‘FREE’ offer pdf or that special gift or otherwise. Not hooked up to an auto-responder most probably  my sign up is floating way out there in outer space.

So I waited for the next offer. You know like those annoying OTO offers that say “Hey that was my best offer but okay.” and hit you again and again …? Sure enough, I am registered already so I cannot have the next offer.

Son of a gun. As If I did not expect this to happen? If you want to really test this sort of thing, create a gmail account for lists. Then go have a party.

You understand that thing about hang overs right? Ok, you are on your own!

Part II to Party Time.

That interesting freebie you never got does not dismiss the fact you signed up for their list. Some will even go so far as to send you a confirmation mail so you will get the link to the offer.

Hooray! A mail! “Glad to have you aboard. Thanks for signing up to my list. Hope you enjoy your free gift!” NO link to no gift. But I just signed my life away.

Sure enough EVERY day without missing a heartbeat, in comes sales offers after sales offers. These people must be running a private directory or product academy all their own they are involved in pushing so much stuff!

Nothing beats a better tune in their minds then the tinkle of coins they expect for all this crapola. Fifteen different emails all touting the next best piece of software, the best PLR, ‘man you will get rich with this one!’ all serve to tell me this is a first class opportunity seeker on the prowl.

Serves me right! I just had to go test the waters. Now my head aches and I am tired of overflowing useless mail. NEXT! Do the honorable thing UNSUBSCRIBE and make it quick!

That should do it right? NOT! You forget you tried to sign up TWICE just to see what would happen? Next sales letter I will UNSUBSCRIBE from that list as well with the statement “I WANT My Gift! YOU PROMISED!”

Sigh … Bad idea! Now the party continues. If I will just sign this link, my missing gift will be on the way.

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