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Are you my sponsor quill pen imgOff with their heads!” cries the Queen and the Mad Hatter runs on with his cry – “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! ” And no one gets very far no matter the cry!

Losing ones head is the easy part when online marketing. Being the end of 2013, that tendency will reign until the message is clear. Out with the old goals and in with the NEW habits and goals and updated business plans for 2014!

Having a plan of action  tends to focus on the dreams of last year that most never worked so they never happened. Is it wise to bring them into 2014? Hardly! If those goals had any legs then wouldn’t you have worked your hiney off to make it happen?

Most goals are long term because that is what is taught you must create. The three months and six months seldom are reached because the focus is on one year, two years and five.

Goals What a waste of your good time!

Yes you need a long term endeavor to reach for. But you also need short term goals to show you are on track to reach that endeavor.

What is your long term goal? Or better yet, what is your USP – Unique Selling Positions [Proposition]?  Mine here, in this blog is to FRACTURE every old bit of teaching that is holding you back because you just will not let go!

So what if Humperdinck Diddlysquat made his fortune doing some timely effort that paid off? This is NOT the same time for you! The conditions have totally changed.  Some of these names were big time in their time but  you seldom hear from them now.

The ones you do hear from are struggling with exactly what you are struggling to do. Find or update a good product that fits the time and brings their following back on track to buy from them.

You think they are doing this with no plan on the board? With no long term short term goals that will tell they they have a new success or failure on their hands?

‘Hello my friend …’

Got one of those emails? They will just take two minutes of  your time. You can help them big time by answering just two questions.

They might even send you a gift for doing so.

In case you missed the point, it is called a survey. All it takes are the right TWO questions to find out what your market wants to buy so you do not set yourself up to miss the WIIFM your list is looking for.

Short Term Goals are designed to bring you back into the fold. To garner sales off you remembering who they are and having bought from them  before.   If you do recall then the fact they are updating old hat could mean you are overlooking the fact you already have the product or perhaps have never used it, so will often enthuse you to pay for it again.

The survey or surveys will have shown you the need. The gift or bonus also came out of the surveys.

Long Term Goals are more in line with the product, packaging,
pricing and production based on the early returns from the short term goal testing. It’s online shelf life has to be decided at this critical point in time.

The bottom line for them, is the same bottom line for you. As a company must ensure they have a plan to be profitable, so must you. Because if the  resources invested in the company, outweigh the the profits, then the company cannot exist.

Decision Making  is constant. Having an idea, turning it into a product or service, and throwing it out there hoping friends and business associates will support you is paramount to failure.

How are you presenting what you have to offer in a way that is different from your competition? If the object of the game is win customers then you better keep your head out of the sand and acknowledge them. Then find a way to set yourself and your product apart from the herd.

What worked 10 yrs ago is hardly relevant to customer needs today.

Everyone still wants to make money and live the high lifestyle without lifting a finger except to work the cash machines, but it ain’t gonna happen for these people so move on – NEXT!

The only people who make sales, win customers and are in profit are those that study the game, acknowledge someone out there is doing what you want to do and get with it!

Now is the time for you to be you, weird Harold approach and all.

That makes half the unique style work. The other is how you will present your offer that matches and then outdoes what the competition is offering.

You do like to comparison shop, don’t you?  So you your prospective customers.

Be up front in their face and transparent about what you offer and why they need to do business with you. Bonuses and guarantees along with a reasonable price will win your day.

Be careful now as people are not buying content or even great information, they are buying results. Results you can show them how to get. Any thing less and they will move on to the next offer.

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