TITLE: Learn About BS and Raving Mad Gurus

Learn BS from Raving Mad Gurus

"John Kenneth "Ken" Galbraith, OC was a CanadianI love sharing new information with people. What I don’t love is their reaction to solutions they might just be looking for.

Nine times out of ten, the internet marketing information I share is FREE to them as it was to me. The other times I paid for that information and still passed it on – no cost.

Do what you love, and the money will follow.”

Sounds great, but it’s a lie.

I love to learn. Always have been a student of life,
love and history so it is no new fact that I should
love learning all I can about internet marketing.

My brother is a Queens graduate in History and Economics.
Must run in the family though he is younger and a man
so he got the education while I got to learn from
traveling life’s experience road.

If you have that same urge, bitten by the same bug,
then a crash course in economics via John Kenneth
will do you good.

John Kenneth “Ken” Galbraith, OC was a Canadian and,
later, American economist, public official, and
diplomat, and a leading proponent of 20th-century
American liberalism.

Born: October 15, 1908, Iona Station, Ontario
Died: April 29, 2006, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States”

So now you know.I am the writer, still studying to
be an economist.

“Galbraith’s First Law”, “Modesty is a vastly overrated

Always figured the best way to toot your own horn
was to share what you learn. Guess I was meant to
be a teacher and missed my calling.

Another law I really appreciate for it is tossed
around like lemon on a salad is “working
Get a life – or face the consequences.”

Who wants to spend their lives doing something
they hate? While many do, it could be because
they lost the ability to feel, becoming sensitized
to comfort and confidence in what really matters
to them.

Is there a market for much of the things that
please you? There has to be because you are one
of thousands even millions, unique in some ways
and exactly the same in others.

Learn Internet Marketing

Have a look at your product or service. Get so
familiar with it you wear it like a second skin.
Feeling comfortable? Now it is time to learn
the next step.

Spend whatever time is necessary finding target
markets for your goods, utilizing Amazon reviews,
niche discussion boards, using keyword search
tools, and what may be considered, commonly
shared threads in social marketing. Learn it

Can you meet face-to-face or talk to some
potential customers perhaps through  industry
expositions in your community, state or country?

In Central Ontario we have the Exhibition grounds.
The Grand old lady of fairs for children and
buildings loaded with exhibitions for the adults.
It goes year round for exhibitions. Thus there
is always something to learn attending them.

It can only be through these physical actions on
your part that you can develop the right message
for the right audience at the right time and often
for the right price to produce the results you

The Common Error In learning is…

Not just this one but the most common – “..do I have
to do this over and over for every idea I have? That
finding the target market for each product has to be
so involved?”  There is always something new to learn.

YES IF you do not take the need seriously enough to
educate yourself on the proper results of each action
you do take.  Think about the kind of people you meet,
their value to you, how they think and feel, react,
and how much is emotional vs. solid decision making.

There will be times, it will be like looking at
yourself in a mirror.

Learning is one powerful skill but so is listening.
Without practicing the right listening skills, what
you will learn will be full of holes.

Thus, will you learn, adjust and change where
necessary or hide from a truth that you might
just be a part of the problem that needs a
serious adjustment before you will readily find
the right target market?

TEST TEST TEST is one of my favorite demands of
any student of learning. Only by testing can you
prove the depth of the theory you think is correct.
But before a good test can be run comes necessary

Copying the learning of others may be the highest
form of flattery in some cases, but overall, it
shows a short sightedness of knowledge or the
willingness to research for the missing pieces
that make you that unique flower in a field of

How will your message stand up against thousands
of other messages in the same field, in the same
market? If your message does not stand out when
it comes to understanding your prospective audience,
you have a real problem.

Are you as ready as you thought you were to deliver
the right message to the right people in the right
market for your products and services in the right


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