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FransFracturedwashington storm over traffic “Storms never last do they baby. Bad times all pass with the wind.” ~~ Mel Tillis

There are times when the weather man is right. Doubtful those times will every really be appropriate. Nevertheless we make it through. Last night was one of those times as the night sky presented a myriad of lightning shapes, thunder rolled its appreciation and the rain came tumbling down on buildings and traffic.

Me, myself and I decided we could curse the storm or put it to good
use. Choosing the latter, we had a cool think tank on traffic issues.

Traffic Is People

We tend to forget that fact.  Just like cars don’t drive themselves, it
takes people to get them in motion. I want a traffic grid for my online
sales and conversion needs. I want LA at peak traffic time streaming
across my website. I want traffic clogging up my mail box and keeping
me in tune with good automated messages that make them happy they
stopped by.

Three Necessary Traffic Strategies

The easy part is the control part. Catch up with old friends who
originally made up the better part of all subscribers lists. People
who gave me their support when I needed it.

In the rush to make your mark, it is easy enough to become disengaged
from these people, just as it is easy for them. Life goes on and we
move on. Not necessarily in the same direction or for the same reasons.

Test #1: Survey the inactive list

This does not always work because the very subscribers you need to
reach may not be opening their mails to receive the survey. With bit
of thinking, you might improve open statistics.

Test #2 Keep in mind the session on email deliverability issues.

Because the next step is to create some engaging emails. But first you
need to get them on a list that says they want them.

Test #3 Try an email that allows subscribers to reset their preferences
or that expects them to tap a link to continue to receive updates.

Traffic Strategy #2

This one creates a love hate relationship. You love a clean responsive
list but you hate removing the traffic deadwood.

When all else fails trim the fat! The open values caused by the lack
of subscriber responses is not impressing your ISP nor it is helping
you for future sends. No matter what you try, when the response is
zero,then accept the fact, these people are clearly not interested in
your content or products. Give them fair warning about what is going
to happen. They are about to be eliminated.

Try a ‘trim the fat ‘page for company TEs. Surfers may not pay timely
attention to their mail boxes but it is highly unlikely they will miss that
page warning! Get creative! This same page can bring you in
new subscribers with a bit of thinking.

Traffic Strategy #3 It’s All About You!

Time to take a hard look at how you present content. Who are you
following? Whose style grabs you till it hurts? Makes you wish you
too could look at and take the actions that hurtle them into growth
spurts you can only dream about?

Style takes time to create. These people were not born with their
ability to reach out and touch their markets. They work hard to
develop the right touch at the right time. Two power words head
their priority list of actions – research and test! Little bites
first looking for feed back and reactions. Then research, rewrite
and test a wee bit more. Finally what has been missing falls into

Nobody knows you better than you do! Set attainable goals. Make
them little steps that present results you can measure. Map out an
action plan and follow it. Remember research and test. Then you are
ready to adjust the action plan.

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