Giant Deep Sea Squid A Marketing Threat?

Giant Deep Sea Squid Found off West Coast. It was quite a headline and I devoured it. Imagine the idea of giant sea roving squid. Good thing they love the deep waters. But found off the coast of British Colombia, Canada, is not exactly reassuring.

Made me think of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Remember the giant squid that encircled the ship? Tentacles that reached the highest mast, as Captain Jack Sparrow deals with the trauma of Dead Man’s Chest, everyone ends up in survival mode.

The one thing you can never be sure of is will those giant squid attract us in our marketing efforts? Depends on a lot of things relative to marketing but they might represent a lot of little things we tend to overlook?

Perhaps they are our competition if our goal is to monetize our blogs, or build web sites that convert and provide consistent sales? A lot of the training out there is for the big fish. The little fish tend to swim in circles.

Whale of a win
There is an awfully large sea of competition out there. While we may want to be the whale that dominates, there is a good chance if we meet the squid we can lose.

Perhaps many entrepreneurs are already in survival mode and do not know it?

Whales tend to feed on minnows. Our markets are full of minnows or the little vulnerable guy who jumps in and out of deep water faster than you can blink. The feeding frenzy becomes one of attracting a sub-culture of greedy bottom feeders looking for a free handout.

Competitive shark bait
As the cost of marketing goes up, tight economies make spendable dollars harder to come by, customer acquisition becomes tougher, thus there is a further tendency to woo anyone with a pulse and a wallet with freebies and cutting prices.

The sad story results are this sub-culture is not in the habit of spending money for anything or anyone. Cutting prices, adding useless freebies totally unrelated to what your market is looking for is not exactly going to grow your income level. More to the point, it is likely to sink any dreams of online success or lifestyle building you have in mind.

Upping the bait to attract the right Whales
Who is your perfect prospect, you expect to become your paying customer?

What do you know about them? EVERYTHING from simple demographics to what their dreams are will decide if you are advertising to the right market and in the exciting conversion building way.

Victims of the Giant Squid
From simple minnow to shark bait, trolling wildly makes you perfect fodder for some whales and certainly snack food for the giant squids of marketing.

How do you avoid the bad experiences of being eaten alive every step you take? STOP what you are doing. Listen, read, learn, share and ask questions. Opportunity is out there. It really won’t knock at your door or mine. It is necessary to get up, get out there and find it.

While you are at it, avoid the giant squids and check out the whales thoroughly, before you jump in and become dinner.

Have a prosperous ‘fractured’ marketing day …

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