Christmas Give Aways Need To Relate

I am looking through some safe and powerful standbys I use when
I am working online. As I sort, they will become give-aways for
your enjoyment and learning education.

Christmas give-aways need to relate to what you do online. They
become another part of About You helping your reader know more
about you.

There is a ton of useless information out there and right now I
see no need to reinvent the wheel when some things are proven
forwards and backwards thus becoming fixed principles.

My thought here, is if you are properly informed, you will stop
being naive victims of online shams, false promises of income in
outrageous sums, and learn to think for yourself. Decide when
someone is flumoxing you and when the rare person is genuine
and you will grow from their advice.

Three Steps To Becoming Invisible

Everyone is saying, me included, that you can create income based
on three steps. It is true, in some proven cases, you can. However,
there are sometimes a ton of sub actions within each step that
must be given equal time to learning a skill or setting up a tool
before the three steps produce the promise.

What About The FREE Argument?

The only place that holds true, is in your dreams created by the
very people who get you to sign on, then two steps later tell you
a tool you need will cost you to continue.

Affiliates need to pay monthly dues. A new business entrepreneur
needs to invest in a good data base management application. The
need to have or employ good tech people. Online or offline, you will
need to invest cash in your future. Of course, online is cheaper but
it is NOT FREE!

Online business requires the same staff to operate the daily
business dealings an offline business would encounter. Do you
have all those skills yourself? If not, then JVing or partnering
with the right skilled people will be a part of your business plan.
While some actions can be safely outsourced, many need to be securely
protected. Therefore, many you will need to learn in order to make
your goals happen.

BUILDING For Tomorrow

Offline you own or rent a store front for prospective people to
wander through and hopefully become a steady customer Online
you MUST have a website. That IS your store front. This IS where
people will find you and, if properly set up, will become repeat

In this day and age of advancing technology, even the once simple
affiliate now understands they too need a website. Some of them
use blogs, others social venues but bottom line where do they send
their leads who are not quite in the buying mood?

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My Name is Fran Klasinski, known on line as warriorlady ... I am the co-owner of the following programs: I work with my partners, good friend Sharon Ticknor and My husband, Chris Klasinski Our backgrounds are extensive and fit well in the online world. Within our business core is the opportunity to learn the power of knowledge in helping you earn the online life you seek. The mistake most people make is to say, "I want to make money. How much can I make if I join you?" You decide the final income outcome from your efforts. What you should be determining is why do you need to make any money, and what do you need it for? Joining me won't directly make you a nickel. what it will do is you will now have a pro-active mentor who will help you save time, dollars and frustration by giving you the opportunity to do better than simply follow in my steps. Freedom and riches are not always determined by how much money you have or how much money you can make.

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