6 thoughts on “The Fun Of Fractured Focus”

  1. It is so sad that the entire world does not understand
    the concept of value at all.

    Seems they think winning a dollar is more important
    than telling the entire membership about their product
    or service they are promoting

    Stupid buggars needs to wake up!

    1. If I have a dollar and spend it on candy, I have a belly ache for my trouble.
      IF I have a dollar and invest it in order to double it, then I can either have
      two belly aches or I can further invest it and buy something worth while that I
      really want. Simple lesson. Just takes a bit of fortitude to follow through on
      the long term action.

    1. Thank you Willie. The writing part always seems the easiest part.
      Getting people to understand if they want things to be better than
      it is now they are the ones who must make it so.

  2. The treatment should be to wright on the blackboard 1000 times “I shall pay attention”.

    Or maybe 10,000 times “I shall think for myself”.

    Or maybe 100,000 times “I shall be awake when I get out of bed in the A.M.”

    Das Boot is my fav to give out.

    You are your own master, your own responsibility, your best friend, so stop the pity party and get off your rusty dusty and get the show on the road.

    Christopher Klasinski
    aka gnucanuck
    My Quick money maker:

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