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Are you my sponsor quill pen imgDo you ever get the feeling that some ideas, when tested are just one-shot wonders?  Getting excited over successfully proven shocking results is not necessarily a must step to repetition?  That it is no guarantee you will see it happen again?

If your original goals, like mine, were to create followers, then get the message Charlie Brown, maybe those that clicked round one were looking for the same thing. Thus your content touched a sweet spot but it did not quite meet what they are looking for.


When you simply pop in a new entry, no thought but to test the
veracity of your instant viewers, you get what you asked for.
They are testing you. There can only be one winner in that
scenario and it probably is NOT  you. You lost.

The Lesson in Humility Test

Thanks for the lesson in humility folks. I better walk what
I teach. It is not about you but your people in need of a
solution to a problem they are facing.

TEST Actions

Thus the first taste of success is simply pointing me to
what they have yet to find. Maybe what is needed here is
a two-point survey type of entry? I can prepare two answers,
two forms of solutions perspectives that rest on my website.

In fact, I can set up the test survey on my website as well.
Once the perspectives are done, then my next TEST entry
should follow up on what I learned from the first entry
and send them to the survey to find out which perspective
might best suit them.

Just two questions. Most people will respond to just two
questions. More makes them suspicious of your intent. So
be clear on both questions.

Surveys themselves are easy enough to create and with some
thought can  become a steady part of your daily marketing
. Can you think of a better way to get to know
your followers who might just become hot prospects or
clients based on their appreciation of your posts?

HOT Test Tip #1

Check your own mail box for steady senders of offers you
are not in the market for. When do you get the info mail
and when do you get the full-blown super offer that is
only good for the next 24 hours?

HOT Test Tip #2

Forget the spammers or full-time sell affiliates that
flood your mail daily.  What you want to look for is a
name marketer that sends you enjoyable reading. They
work within a structure that will soon produce a
strategy or business model you can learn lots from.

There we are. Follow up to the first post that shook
me up. The second set were a disaster and if you read
this article, you can soon figure out why.

Now it is time to set up the survey with two different test
solutions from two different perspectives and see where
this leads.

Why not do this test with me? Who knows, HOT Test Tip #3
might just be the results we find.

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